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  1. zubie75082

    Personal injury attorney recs?

    Need a someone to review my claim first and then take on negotiations if it's found that I am being lowballed (which I highly suspect I am).
  2. zubie75082

    Totaled car -- removal of registration?

    I was under the assumption that within all the paperwork I signed with the other guy's insurance company that when they totaled the car and sent it to the scrap yard that it would somehow be sent to the state that it no longer needed registration, but I received an invoice in the mail for what...
  3. zubie75082

    Crape Myrtle question

    Bought a crape myrtle from Shades of Green last spring. It bloomed beautifully all summer but then in fall got some sort of virus/fungus and constantly dropped leaves but would always re-bloom if I stripped the small branches and washed it down with a strong jet of water. Went through this cycle...
  4. zubie75082

    Brick Mailbox Problem/Question

    I have a hornet problem. Last three times I've checked my mail something has flown out as soon as I open the door and then today there was a giant one just walking around on my mail. Obviously they are coming from somewhere inside the brick casing and traveling into the mailbox itself. Who the...
  5. zubie75082

    Physical Therapy Recs

    Recommendations? There is a Baylor Institute of Rehab right at Eldorado/423 which I would prefer location wise so if anyone has any insight there it is much appreciated but anyone who has had a positive experience with rehabbing a rotator cuff tear anywhere is great too! Any insight of...
  6. zubie75082

    Active/Outside gift ideas for 5 and 2 year old boys

    My godsons are 5 and 2 and I want something fun to give them for Christmas that keeps them active and outside. They have plenty of inside toys and electronics but I was hoping for some ideas here that have been hits in your houses!
  7. zubie75082

    Electrician to install recessed lights?

    I am looking to have maybe 5-6 can lights installed in my kitchen. Any recommendations? Any chance I can keep this around $500? I've heard electricians can be expensive... :-\
  8. zubie75082

    Pest control local company recommendation?

    I prefer to go with local businesses rather than franchises like Orkin or Terminix. Have seen some spiders setting up shop in my garage and flowerbeds and would just as soon light my house on fire than try to kill them myself. Recommendations appreciated!
  9. zubie75082

    Grand Opening - New Petsmart at Tollway/Eldorado

    My group will be inside at the new adoption center with our cats and dogs from 11-4 today! Hope we see you there!
  10. zubie75082

    Garage sale benefitting Furry Friends Animal Rescue - Sat June 21

    100% of proceeds go to the foster cats and dogs of Furry Friends! -Baby furniture -Kids toys and bikes -Living Room furniture -Home decor (pictures, mirrors, draperies, wrought iron decoratives, etc) -Kitchen appliances -Yard tools/machinery -Vacuum and steam cleaners -Electronics...
  11. zubie75082

    Garage Sale benefitting Furry Friends Animal Rescue - Sat June 21

    100% of proceeds go to the foster cats and dogs of Furry Friends! -Baby furniture -Kids toys and bikes -Living Room furniture -Home decor (pictures, mirrors, draperies, wrought iron decoratives, etc) -Kitchen appliances -Yard tools/machinery -Vacuum and steam cleaners -Electronics...
  12. zubie75082

    Someone to mow/edge?

    I have a small yard that is mostly weeds right now (Granulawn is starting next week!) but I'm in need of a reasonable service to cut/edge. Looking for maybe $20 or $25 each visit. Really only needing every other week, or 10 days if anyone does that. Any recommendations?
  13. zubie75082

    Lease is up... buyout options?

    I have 3 more payments left before my lease is up on my Hyundai Sonata and I plan to re-finance the remaining portion to "buy it out". That amount is a little above $12,500. I have always leased cars and just "walked" away from them to another lease (never with the same company) so I am...
  14. zubie75082

    As the school year comes to an end...

    As parents start contemplating end of year gifts, remember that there is something free that you can get for one (or more) of your child's teachers. Write an email letting that teacher now how much they have positively impacted your child. How much you appreciate their dedication to your...
  15. zubie75082

    Furry Friends Animal Rescue Needs You!

    We are currently looking for people ages 18+ that can take one cleaning shift a week (either AM or PM) at the McKinney Petsmart (380/75) to refill food/water, clean litter boxes and give some much needed attention to the cats and kittens we keep in the adoption center during the week. There are...
  16. zubie75082

    A Guide to Plano for Toyota Employees

    This was posted on Facebook and was too good not to share.
  17. zubie75082

    Granulawn or GroGreen pricing?

    Just bought my house and scalped and reseeded the yard this spring. It's coming in nicely considering the drought and the fact that I can't water as much as I'd like without standing out in the yard with a hose in my hand (ain't nobody got time for that!) but the weeds are growing back at a...
  18. zubie75082

    Two Thumbs Up: Kings of Comfort A/C

    Just had to post. I'm a first time home buyer and am an absolute idiot when it comes to most things home related (I'm learning!!) so when my electricity bills were higher than $300 to heat my house for multiple months in a row I posted here looking for some answers. I got some insight but also a...
  19. zubie75082

    What's in your flower beds?

    Getting ready to tackle my first ever attempt at gardening for my new house and know nothing about anything plant related. My front yard has a flower bed about 5x20 ft that currently just has bushes (neighbor said boxwood?) and dirt. I'd prefer low maintenance plants and bushes but would...
  20. zubie75082

    Apple TV/Roku or HD Antenna?

    Which do you have and/or which do you prefer? My satellite bill has been creeping up the past few months and I have the cheapest package available. I don't watch that much TV (and what I do watch I am totally fine with getting off ABC, Hulu, etc) but I do watch quite a bit of sports so I'm...