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    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    So sorry to hear that, you guys were so great together....if you need anything feel free to call or text me, and i'll keep your family in my prayers
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    I wish the old Frisco online link took you here when you clicked it, now it just says page unavailable
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    Merry Christmas FOL’ers!

    Merry Christmas !
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    FOL Friendships: People and Friends we've met and stayed in touch with on FOL.
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    FOL circling the drain

    page after page of mods......this forum is dead
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    Your Thoughts on the Mayoral Election?

    I've had the privilege of meeting and doing business with Jeff Chaney,and his staff and the way he dealt with our project, was awesome Jeff comes across like a nice guy, because he is a nice guy...but he is really well informed, and is able to see the ideals that need to come together to make...
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    Local High School Senior Needs Help!

    1194! good luck
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    Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas!!
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    Disney in Frisco

    they came to my house..........they don't play yourselves
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    Disney in Frisco

    i'm working on it's a small world pavilion.....but I just cant talk about it.........
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    Looking for dentist who makes crowns in office

    problem with the cal dental group is they're located in Anaheim California....might be helpful when visiting Disneyland.........
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    New forum interface is so bad..

    are they going to fix the search feature?
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    New Site Issues

    are they ever going to make the search function work for posts prior to the update?
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    New Site Issues

    search function not working .........
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    So who's still here?

    Still here but... lurk a lot!
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    Thank you Big Bear!

    Big Bear is one of few contractors I highly recommend, everyone of my customers that have used him, have been happy......
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    Relocating to Frisco,Tx

    I agree with your good builder list, I've been in construction most of my life, and have worked with 4 of the five builders as a subcontractor. I would add to the good list Landon homes Southgate homes both great home builders but in different price ranges.
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    Where can I buy a table like this?