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  1. Katetx

    Texas DMV Helpful Hint PSA

    I just thought I would post this. With lots of people complaining about lines the Drivers License Offices. Why wait in super long lines. I live outside of Gainesville and there is an office there. I go to Gainesville several times a week. Each time I pass I see almost nobody there...
  2. Katetx

    Mainvue Homes Incentives?

    I have been keeping an eye on Frisco even though I don't live there anymore as I have friends relocating from out of State to the Metroplex. Saw an ad on tv by Mainvue Homes offering deep incentives. I was sort of taken back given the insanity with the RE market. What gives? Incentives in THIS...
  3. Katetx

    Expand Cabin or Build Separate House?

    Hello, I would love some of the FOL'ers to give me their opinion. My husband and I bought 21 acres on the north part of Lake Ray Roberts. We are 10 minutes away from Ray Roberts State Park Johnson Branch. Distance from Frisco is roughly about 36 miles to where the Frisco Costco is located. We...
  4. Katetx

    Ikea phasing out the current Akurum Kitchen System

    Posting this for those who may be in the process of designing a space utilizing Ikea's current Akurum System of Kitchen Cabinets. In February they are rolling out a new system to replace their Akurum line. This will also affect any accessory specifically designed to fit the Akurum system. So...
  5. Katetx

    PSA - Oktoberfest Muenster Texas

    If you're looking for something to do tomorrow why not head out to Muenster, Texas. For the first time they are doing an Oktoberfest. They just built an enormous pavilion for their German Fest in the Spring and for the new Oktoberfest. You can buy tickets there, they are $5.00.
  6. Katetx

    Extend Health HIring

    Heard about this and thought I would pass along for people looking. Who: Extend Health, a Towers Watson Company What: Temporary Benefit Advisors Where: Richardson Texas
  7. Katetx

    Great Resource for Moving Supplies

    I realize that boxes etc..are fairly easy to source. I needed moving blankets and other more expensive supplies. Did some research and most stuff online charges a fortune for shipping. This company has a pleuthera of supplies and their prices are excellent. They are...
  8. Katetx

    FSBO, what a PIA.

    Involved in a RE purchase. I am the buyer and have an agent, seller does not. It has been one royal PIA dealing with this individual. Seller is asking my agent to do what he should be doing. Sorry just venting. Wonder if anyone else has had similar experience when dealing with FSBO sellers...
  9. Katetx

    RIP Jonathan Winters

    One of my favorite comedians. Made me laugh from the belly.
  10. Katetx

    Oversized Steel Garage - Prefab or site built?

    I have a question for those FOL'ers who might be in the know or have done this before. Long story short I need to build a large garage with probobly an apartment attached.Garage would need to accomodate a 35 foot RV and Super Duty Truck (so we are talking larger than a normal garage). Property...
  11. Katetx

    Maundy Thursday Night Prayer/Vigil

    Going tonight to St. Michaels and All Angels in Dallas, my parish. Was wondering if any other Anglicans participate up here in Frisco area.
  12. Katetx

    Richwoods in Frisco or Avignon in Plano

    Do you think that building in West Plano off of Windhaven and Parkwood would be worth spending an extra 100k? Don't have kids. Richwoods is also great location but the area just lacks the amount of restaurants etc.. Also a little concerned about spending around 700k in Frisco vs 800k in West...
  13. Katetx

    Price range for homes buyers are targeting in Frisco

    I am just curious. I know it is a sellers market, however I was wondering about buyers. What seems to be the "hot" price range buyers are targeting right now?
  14. Katetx

    Experienced Oracle Projects or Financials Functional Consultants Needed

    Must have experience. PM for more information.
  15. Katetx

    Jersey Mike's

    For all of you Jersey Mike's fans. They will be opening a location in Frisco next to Sleep Experts (Eldorado and Tollway area) in July. Heard that from the Plano store. Signs should be going up soon.
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    Yard Sale Saturday 4-14 , One day only.EVERYTHING MUST GO

    Yard Sale - Saturday 4/14/12 7:00 AM 5985 Stanton Place, Frisco (El Dorado and DNT behind the apartments across from Home Depot and Costco) Lots of household items Antique Table Linens Christmas decorations Storage Baskets Home Decor Items Tools Miscellaneous furniture AND LOTS...