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  1. Original Frisco


    They have been found....THANK YOU!
  2. Original Frisco

    Furniture & Baby items!!

    Baby furniture, bedding and accessories that were hardly or never used. Whitewash Changing Table/Dresser - $125 - solid wood, nice piece of furniture. PERFECT for the do-it-yourselfers! Can easily be refinished and repainted or stained. Missing one knob and easy to replace to personal...
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    Best chalk to use for a homeade chalkboard

    I've tried a couple of different brands including Crayola. I will try wetting the board first though!
  4. Original Frisco

    Best chalk to use for a homeade chalkboard

    I made a framed chalkboard using Krylon chalkboard spray paint. I cannot seem to find any chalk that writes well on it?! We used it for our Christmas pictures & our photographer had some big sidewalk chalk that she used on it just fine. Well, I bought some of that & it still won't turn out...
  5. Original Frisco

    Cobb Farm Phases 3A & 3B

    Does anyone have any information on when Standard Pacific is going to start building? This is the area north of Longwood Dr. I haven't driven by in awhile, but I believe the sign has been up for months now. Anyone in this neighborhood & HOA heard anything?
  6. Original Frisco

    Three Squares Restaurant

    Tried Three Squares before our movie Saturday evening. We went with another couple and everyone loved what they ordered! I'm a vegetarian, so I ordered the hummus & veggies (which we all shared) and also a caprese salad which was amazing. Hubby ordered the chicken parm, and our friends...
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    Went to Norma's tonight

    YES!!! Might have to go this weekend! :thumbsup:
  8. Original Frisco

    Went to Norma's tonight

    I was wondering if breakfast was served all day? Breakfast food is my FAVE but I'm not a morning eater, so I love breakfast for lunch or dinner!
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    Recovering sofa cushions

    I am looking for a rec for someone who can recover & restuff/fill my sofa cushions and pillows. The frame of the sofa is just fine...but after me working from home ON the sofa for 3 years, the cushions are a little flat & misshapen. :doh: Plus, we let our dogs on the sofa and the fabric is a...
  10. Original Frisco

    This is just cruel....

    I would just want to ask them WHY have a dog then? What enjoyment do you get from your dog? Labs are the sweetest dogs and dogs NEED your companionship and nurturing. How sad....:sad::foot:
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    This is just cruel....

    My dogs are inside dogs and beg to come back inside after 5-10 minutes of being outside in this heat. If this dog is truly used to being indoors, this heat can be very dangerous.
  12. Original Frisco

    Favorite/Lease Favorite State

    Wow...very rude. Favorite: California (mainly due to Northern California) Least: Iowa
  13. Original Frisco

    AVOID - Pure Day Spa/Pure MedSpa on Lebanon

    I purchased a Groupon for Celebrity Spa & Laser Center in Mckinney a couple of years ago...I think it was also the $99 deal for like 6 treatments. I love this spa...great people and I had really great results. Just a different outcome for me I guess. Not all Groupons are rip-offs.
  14. Original Frisco

    Post up pics of your home town

    Kinda where my screen name comes from...the "Original Frisco". LOL Most natives don't like their city being called Frisco...but I don't mind!! Everyone back home gets such a big kick that I moved from San Francisco to Frisco!
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    8ft Board On Board Fence

    Cisco did the fence next door to us. Great work and very reasonable.
  16. Original Frisco

    8ft Board On Board Fence

    I've also heard good things about Fences For Orphans based out of Allen. I think they are somewhat cheaper and do good work. Planning on getting a quote from them as well.
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    Post up pics of your home town

    I'm sure you can guess where I'm from. ;)
  18. Original Frisco

    Post up pics of your home town

    Hey, how do you post a pic without it being an attachment?? I can't figure it out! :-)
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    Another Happy Big Bear Fan!

    He was just out here today. Great guy and great service!! He will be our a/c go-to guy in the future for sure. Soooo knowledgeable! :thumbsup: