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    They have been found....THANK YOU!
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    Furniture & Baby items!!

    Baby furniture, bedding and accessories that were hardly or never used. Whitewash Changing Table/Dresser - $125 - solid wood, nice piece of furniture. PERFECT for the do-it-yourselfers! Can easily be refinished and repainted or stained. Missing one knob and easy to replace to personal...
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    Best chalk to use for a homeade chalkboard

    I made a framed chalkboard using Krylon chalkboard spray paint. I cannot seem to find any chalk that writes well on it?! We used it for our Christmas pictures & our photographer had some big sidewalk chalk that she used on it just fine. Well, I bought some of that & it still won't turn out...
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    Cobb Farm Phases 3A & 3B

    Does anyone have any information on when Standard Pacific is going to start building? This is the area north of Longwood Dr. I haven't driven by in awhile, but I believe the sign has been up for months now. Anyone in this neighborhood & HOA heard anything?
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    Recovering sofa cushions

    I am looking for a rec for someone who can recover & restuff/fill my sofa cushions and pillows. The frame of the sofa is just fine...but after me working from home ON the sofa for 3 years, the cushions are a little flat & misshapen. :doh: Plus, we let our dogs on the sofa and the fabric is a...
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    If a thread turns political....

    Can it PLEASE be moved to the Politics forum please? Many of us on FOL avoid that forum like the plague and would prefer not to have to deal with politics in the TAT section. Thank you :)
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    Yikes! Recalled Kolcraft strollers Make sure you don't have one of these recalled strollers from Kolcraft!
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    Mass Euthanasia at FTW Animal Shelter

    So sad!! Please, if you are looking to adopt anytime soon, go check out the pups available at the Ft. Worth Animal Shelter. They are preparing to do a mass euthanasia...the biggest one Fort Worth has ever done. :sad...
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    First Time Father's Day Gifts??

    What is a great and creative Father's Day gift for a 1st time daddy?? We are beyond thrilled that we were chosen to adopt a baby by a WONDERFUL birth mom! We will be driving to San Angelo in a few short weeks for the birth of our son. So, I'd like to purchase or order something pretty soon...
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    San Angelo?

    Anyone from San Angelo, or ever been? We will be driving down there in 3 weeks and I'm just trying to plan our route and figure out places to eat/things to do. We'll be there approx. 3 days. Thanks for any info!!
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    Just posted on Collin County Humane Society FB page

    I just wanted to make everyone aware. In case you purchase your dog food at Costco: Just received this and felt it was important to pass on: At the end of December, a local kennel donated 12 cases of Kirkland canned Lamb and Rice dog food. They said it was too rich for their dog...
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    St. Philip's Episcopal Church

    I know some of you are members of St. Philip's. Can you tell me a little more about it? I'd love to know not only about St. Philip's specifically, but what a service is like there. I grew up in the Catholic church and I LOVE the traditional mass (I just don't love the Catholic's views on a...
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    Event tonight?

    WHAT is going on tonight over on the west side?? We were over that way earlier and there was a lot more traffic than usual it seemed. Unusual for a Sunday night!
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    Sofa cushions needs replacing

    The 3 cusions on our sofa are FLAT! We need someone to switch out the foam. Anybody have this done recently? Not sure if we can do this ourselves or take our cushions in somewhere to have this done. TIA!
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    Available Lab Puppies

    I am reposting something I saw on the Paws In The City Facebook page. These pups need fosters right away, but eventually will need their furever homes!! "We were contacted about these puppies and momma. The man who "owns" them does not care about the puppies, he is keeping them in a garage...
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    FOUND DOG - East Frisco

    Did anyone's dog get out around the Canoe/Hillcrest area?? We just found a beautiful white and tan dog in our alley. He is playing with our other two dogs as I type. The only tag he has is for the vet on Coit just north of Rolater. We called, but they are closed for the evening. Sorry...
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    SUV or Sedan?

    By next year (fingers crossed) we will have 2 kids under 2. I really don't want to get an SUV or a Minivan. I drive a sedan now and it seems plenty big enough for 2 little ones. And the trunk seems big enough for a double stroller. What does everyone drive out there? SUV? Minivan? Sedan or...
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    Orbit stroller

    Does anyone have an Orbit Baby stroller?? We are adopting and starting to purchase things we'll need right away. They appear to have awesome reviews and are incredibly lightweight...which is a necessity for me. Just wanting some feedback from local moms.
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    Hand Surgery

    Does anyone have a good hand surgeon that they have used or know of? This will be an elective surgery I'm having on my middle straighten it. I might even need to go to a plastic surgeon?? Don't know. I'm looking to go in for a consult and talk with the doctor first. And if you...
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    Handyman - bathroom faucets

    I need someone to install 2 faucets in our master bath. I tried emailing one person who was recommended on FOL, but haven't heard back. Looking to do it this week, if possible. Let me know if you know of someone or pm me if you're available! Thanks!!