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    It's a girl!!!

    My very first grandchild will be here around the first of the year and we're so excited!! I'm kind of going nuts on getting things ready for her and was wondering where are some good places to find cute outfits? It's been 23 years since I've had to buy things for a little girl and I'm more...
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    Okay Mommas...let's talk Cribs

    I'm about to be full blown shopping to set up a room for my new grandbaby (yay!!!!) here in the house and was informed that my $1200 Mahogany crib that was used with all 3 of my kids is now "illegal". Gorgeous, but illegal. Something to do with the fact that the side drops down? Anyway...What...
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    Summer School for Advancement...

    My son is two classes shy of being able to graduate a year early. One he takes during Summer School and one is online via Texas Tech. I've just signed him up for the two sessions at Wakeland and will be completing the registration at Tech shortly. Is there anything else I need to do...
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    Ideas, please?

    My daughter is getting married this Sunday and it looks like her outdoor wedding may end up in my living room! YIKES! Obviously seating and such will be an issue so we're looking at spreading it out onto the deck. Unfortunately, we have just beam work over the deck. What's a cheap and simple...
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    Something weird happened last night

    I heard a loud bang and my oldest son came running asking why his bed was shaking. Everything in the house was fine, but some curtains fell down in the dining room. Everything else was as it should be. No earthquakes reported either. Just strange. And it wasn't my boy...he was in bed...
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    I'm scared to clip their nails

    My little old lady is fine with it. She just lays there and huffs and puffs in disgust as I'm swearing and promising her that I won't hurt her. Now the little scruffy fella? He nips at me and won't stay still for a minute. We have a meeting of minds until he realizes that I'm the biggest...
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    Today is my anniversary

    Okay, so you guys don't care, but it's a big mile stone for me. The bong (ecig) thread in Parenting had me looking things up and.................................. It's been a year since I quit smoking. After 25 years of puffing away like a train, I'm still puffing, but on 0 nicotine...
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    Fun times at Target on Eldorado

    Don't leave anything at *all* in your car. I just interrupted someone trying to break into mine. Lock assembly is in pieces and for what....a sippy cup? That's all I had in there. Grrr.
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    To whoever popped the bubble...

    Bless you!!!
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    Old Navy Super Cash

    I have a $30 off of $75 that expires today.
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    Can we have a moment of silence?

    My Keurig has bit the big one. :( Now I really need an IV. *sniff*
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    What an awesome thing to do..

    I just heard about this and wow...that's a lot of love right there.
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    I was doing very well until...........

    My 10th grader sent me an "I love you, Mom" text from school this morning. Then it really hit me. 2 more years...that's it? It's not like it's new....dd is 21, but it still smarts just as much. This morning has been bittersweet.
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    Another storm question

    I think we are all a bit freaked out about the weather after seeing the devastation of yesterday. Here's my problem. Both boys will be getting out of school during the worst part of the storms...3-4. I'm seriously thinking about checking them out early just so we're NOT on the road. I keep...
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    Wedding cakes....reasonable

    My daughter moved her wedding date in 3 months away. YIKES! So much for budgeting for the wedding she wants. Any ideas on a nice wedding cake for under $500? I looked at some of the prices and just about lost my mind. Help?!??!?! Also....any other budget friendly ideas would be...
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    Oh Trixi...........

    Are you hanging in there?
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    Is anyone doing this? I'd love some feedback if you know anything about it.
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    Let the Bullying begin

    This time by the schools. My son was called to the AP's office today. This is the honor student/heart of gold kid. When he arrived, he was greeted in a cold manner with "They've been waiting for you" and a head nod into an office where an intimidating woman stared him down for a good while...
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    Another hair question for the ladies

    I've decided to embrace my gray hair...only it's just at the crown and it looks odd being white on top and red on bottom. Does anyone know of a salon/hairdresser who will do gray/white/silver highlights? I just want some blending until it grows out.
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    Dental phobia

    I have a very real problem with dentists. My blood pressure skyrockets and I tend to go into panic mode. It's not the's someone rooting around in my mouth. How do I get past that? I broke a freaking front tooth up near the gumline and have an appointment tomorrow morning to get it...