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  1. Texas Dream Cruise

    Utility Pole Question

    It’s been debated over on the ”Frisco Q&A” Facebook page. It’s a small cell antenna - likely for 4G or LTE. (But possibly 5G)
  2. Texas Dream Cruise

    Well hello FOL!

    Hi Van! Yes “old” is a good description for me these days 😎
  3. Texas Dream Cruise

    Nice to see the collapse of the forums has not stopped the TROLLS

    Now I’ve seen everything. A troll agreeing that the troll problem “is happening everywhere” lol. Thanks for joining this morning - and posting about using a New Jersey exterminator.
  4. Texas Dream Cruise

    Keurig Dr Pepper to relocate Texas headquarters from Plano to Frisco

    Must have been in the verbal discussion at city council meeting when they approved the land sale. Or I got it off a post on another social media site. Good catch. (My bad, it was not in the Keurig press release after all. They’re adding new positions, but I don’t remember how many. One of my...
  5. Texas Dream Cruise

    Need Lexus Mechanic For Timing Belt/Water Pump Work

    I like dealing with Evan Keenan at Davenport. Low key, younger guy - good customer service. Gave me a price for the timing belt/water pump without any hassles - I can’t remember but it was around $1100 to $1200. Wrote it down somewhere. But I use LD a lot. They’ve done a radiator on my son’s Kia...
  6. Texas Dream Cruise

    Need Lexus Mechanic For Timing Belt/Water Pump Work

    Big fan of Davenport still. Don’t know of any other independent Lexus mechanics. Bad experiences - multiple times with Park Place Lexus. (It’s been 20 years since I used Sewell Lexus last. But no issues there. Just higher $$$ than Davenport.) About to get a new timing belt/water pump on my...
  7. Texas Dream Cruise


    Likewise, FG. Nice to put a face with a name. Happy holidays!
  8. Texas Dream Cruise


    I’ll check PM’s later this afternoon when I’m back at a computer in my office. Great connecting with some great longtime FOL’ers.
  9. Texas Dream Cruise


    I may be out of them, BeerGirl. But I’ll check over the next week - and get back to you. Just one here at the house, the rest in storage. I had 4 (I think) - promised 1 to Frisco Girl, 1 to Rawhide, 1 to my daughter, and I want to keep 1 in my Frisco collection (not a pack rat, but I’ve saved...
  10. Texas Dream Cruise


    I’ll save you one, rawhide. Let me know if you’re running errands our direction. No hurry, since I need to go over to our offsite storage to bring them home.
  11. Texas Dream Cruise


    It’s the original white one developed about 10-12 years ago. Still unopened. Happy to help, if you want that version.
  12. Texas Dream Cruise


    I also have unopened original Friscopoly sets. I bought the last 4 in Heritage’s inventory 5 years ago. I was going to use them for charity silent auctions - but never did. My cost was around $22 per set including the taxes if I recall correctly. Available if anyone wants one. More “collectible”...
  13. Texas Dream Cruise

    FRISCO Best Place to Live

    Cool graph, very interesting data, planomateo. Thank you, I’m sharing it to Frisco Talk. I appreciate it!
  14. Texas Dream Cruise

    How 'bout them Cowboys

    And the Cowboys, while not fielding a competitive team in decades, is still the WORLD’S most valuable sports franchise (in all sports - per Forbes several years running now.) A few of the European football clubs (soccer to us Americans) are also in the top 5. You have to hand it to Jerry Jones...
  15. Texas Dream Cruise

    400,000-square-foot Dallas Cowboys Merchandising Distribution and Sales Center is coming to Frisco.

    Same amenities as Toyota Music Factory - just smaller - a more conservative financial model. (Toyota Music Factory & Billy Bob overspent IMHO.) 8-9 restaurants, indoor & outdoor bars, 3 stages (2 indoors, 1 outdoors under a pavilion cover with fans), huge 65 foot cinema screen, same genres of a...
  16. Texas Dream Cruise

    400,000-square-foot Dallas Cowboys Merchandising Distribution and Sales Center is coming to Frisco.

    New Music Venue Coming to Frisco's 'North Platinum Corridor'
  17. Texas Dream Cruise

    Water Tank on Preston Being Torn Down ?!?!?!?

    The tile company building next to the water storage tank is also being demolished. That narrow angled lot will become city park land. No buildings. After Preston Road was slightly rerouted years ago, it left that water storage tank/tile company lot too narrow to build structures on with enough...
  18. Texas Dream Cruise

    Water Tank on Preston Being Torn Down ?!?!?!?

    It really needed to go. It was rusting. 1960 water tank, not a tall water tower like the 1924 iconic one downtown. I realize folks will miss the nostalgia associated with their younger days memories. But the City would have had to sand it & repaint it. They spend so much other money on...
  19. Texas Dream Cruise

    Custer Transfer Station

    I’m there at least once a month. Yes, bring drivers license & a recent copy of Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Richardson or Allen water bill. You must bag all loose papers so they don’t blow away. (I had to return home once to get trash bags.) You don’t have to bag leaves or tie up limbs, there’s a...
  20. Texas Dream Cruise

    Backyard Office

    Find a metal shed. Like a Morgan building. Metal sheds are cooler than wood. As long as you’re installing a window unit AC - you’ll keep cool & warm. Make sure it has a heater setting too. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a used version of their office buildings. Regular...