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    Ring the alarm: Frisco unveils new Dallas Cowboys-themed fire truck

    Ladder trucks are expensive. Top of the line ladder trucks equipped with new fire fighting and rescue equipment are really expensive. Prosper just bought one almost Identical to this but with a normal paint job and graphics.
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    How Do You Feel About the Growth in the Area?

    Have property in Bell County near Salado where we built a 2,000 sq ft 3 bedroom home with a 2,400 sq ft unatached garage/ work shop and a six horse stable. The day I retire we outahere.
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    Nice to see the collapse of the forums has not stopped the TROLLS

    It doesn't really. I still check on it occasionaly to see if they pulled the plug.
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    The largest undeveloped property in Frisco has changed hands.

    This is not Wade Park THIS IS REAL, you have the Hunts teaming up with Team Legacy. Look for KDC, Staubach and other area big time players to get involved with this.
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    Any updates on Wade Park?

    Some of the same people that were involved with City Place were also involved with Team Legacy. Jerry had the Star and a company that has a history of getting in over it's head was trying to develop Wade Park. The problem is with the developer of Wade Park.
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    Feasibility Study Reveals the Demand for a Performing Arts Venue in Frisco

    Frisco lost it's best opportunity at this when they stopped the multi city project several years ago.
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    Frisco North Rising Up!

    Could be a business going in that needs a special use permit (restaurant, alcohol sales, restaurant with drive thru, fitness club etc..) it is fairly routine to have to go back before P&Z for changes to the original development plans or for special use permits. And these types of request or...
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    Teen knocked unconscious in fight at Frisco mall, police say

    I pulled up on a Motor Vehicle Accident with a fatality and one person was rendering aid one was on the phone to 911 and four were filming with their phones. while the one treating one of the injured was asking for help. Any way some one has a video of me yelling at them put there ****ing...
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    United airlines - unable to read english

    First mistake was flying United. If American, Delta, Virgin or Southwest are going to the same place I will pay a little extra. This was just United being United.
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    Wade Park Progress

    This group has made a bunch of promises that they haven't delivered on.
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    RATS please help

    We used moth balls and a radio with the volume turned up on a talk radio channel.
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    The Russian to English translator still needs a little work.
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    9th Circle of Hell - Allen HS graduation

    But the Allen Booster Club runs the school and the city so this needs to take place in there Taj Mahal
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    Name of High School Yearbook Racially Insensitive: Student

    History of Frisco railroad coonskin
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    BREAKING: Collin County Commissioners call for $750 million bond referendum election in November

    This is why we moved from Frisco to South West Plano.
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    Finger food ideas for a baby with NO teeth

    1st grade, but yeah she should have teeth by now
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    gang shootout in Waco twin peaks

    Some were from respectable motorcycle clubs that are around for social purposes and volunteer projects, Some were from gangs like the Bandidos, Cosacks and there affiliates. I have been to clubs where you had motorcycle groups like Gas Monkey, Veteran's groups or just weekend Harley riders...
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    BREAKING: Collin County Commissioners call for $750 million bond referendum election in November

    Commissioner Duncan Webb from Plano is the one that requested that 10 Million and it was deducted from the original 150 mill for arterial roads. So most of that 10 million is probably going to west Plano.
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    Or everyone could start ignoring his post. Just an observation.
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    PGA poised to move headquarters from Florida to Frisco

    Plano in Da House