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  1. mcBerg

    Anyone here into kayak fishing?
  2. mcBerg

    Who to call for leaking water heater???

    Just make sure installs follow new codes vs old equipment. If not, one may have some buyers remorse down the road. Our new water heater is now so hot that I have to turn it way down even with kids and so much better. Get what you pay for.
  3. mcBerg

    Durkins Pizza

    Yep. That is because most cases are self diagnosed and fake. NO problem with kiddie chickin nuggets tho.
  4. mcBerg

    Who to call for leaking water heater??? is the man. Replace a tired 15yr old unit a few months ago.
  5. mcBerg

    Pokemon Go?

    Already developed: the DNT
  6. mcBerg

    Pokemon Go?

    You know its real when peeps are crying about an app to get kids outside. Think of the childrens and me planet types. lol
  7. mcBerg

    Tree Trimming

    Not exactly true. We have a decent neighbor that has a tree planted right next to our mutual fence and a good portion of the canopy was hovering over our roof. They had a tree trimmer team thin it out and we happily let them over our side to cut some of that out. Never hurts to at least bring...
  8. mcBerg

    Friday Confessions!

    Hi Van. I went bass fishing tonight at the local pond and caught one and the youngest kid caught 3 Pokemon things. I claim a dual victory
  9. mcBerg

    Pokemon Go?

    Oh no, people are going ouTSIDE due to an app and get attacked by a King Cobra. RUN for the hills. lol People will whine about the stupidest things!
  10. mcBerg

    The Ark Encounter - Thoughts?

    Good points Mom. I had those same thoughts going through my head even when I was a young kid being raised as a Lutheran and thinking WTH after reading Bible studies. It was basically required an you didn't question it in Church. Many Biblical stories were more like fables and never made any...
  11. mcBerg

    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    For whatever reason, FOL seems to flag most pics I try to add regardless of size or format. Frustrating. So we LOVE this local Greek joint and their Chicago style skirt steak is uNreal so trying tonight to deconstruct. For the marinade in the fridge for 4hrs: skirt steak, 2 lemons plus...
  12. mcBerg

    Pokemon Go?

    On the positive flip side: our youngest kid actually is doing his daily chores first time, going outside riding his bike with groups of buddies instead of hanging inside gaming and meeting other kids to play due to this game. At first glance kind of a novel idea. Of course the haters are going...
  13. mcBerg

    Shots Fired in Downtown Dallas?

    Fat boy pretends he has a clue. Cute.
  14. mcBerg

    Shots Fired in Downtown Dallas?

    and you are a registered REDNECK. WELL DOCUMENTED. Shut up you live in Florida redneck. My niece who I love to death is Portland PD and is half black. Shut up moron.
  15. mcBerg

    Shots Fired in Downtown Dallas?

    Plenty of video on both cases to watch, regardless he indicated to the officer he had a registered firearm. Guess that didn't work.
  16. mcBerg

    Shots Fired in Downtown Dallas?

    Not good. Expect more is what I'm guessing. After police killing a black dude in LA with 2 heavy cops on him shooting him in the chest multiple times and now a MN guy in his car with his family by a trigger happy cop in MN for a broken tail light and being shot x times after saying he had a...
  17. mcBerg

    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Non-charcoal smoker= -10 BBQ points
  18. mcBerg

    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    I have used buttermilk with chicken but not turkey before. Honestly, I am one of those dudes that doesn't really follow recipes just guidelines so it is fun to mess around and experiment. With turkey we typically have a sea salt and sugar (sometimes I cut down on the sugar) in a gallon of...
  19. mcBerg

    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Something different. Plan on smoking some boneless turkey breasts this weekend on the OK Joe smoker. Have some maple and hickory after a heavy brine.
  20. mcBerg

    Last chance to vote for Bill Woodard Saturday 6/18

    Nice pump, but would probably be best if all will do their own due diligence...