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  1. David

    Wonderful 4/2/2 Home For Sale

    8501 Greenfield Dr. Frisco, TX 75035 MLS: 13595968 Video Tour, pics, and other info - Zillow Listing -
  2. David

    Pirelli Tires - 245/40/18

    Pirelli P-Zero - 245/40/18. These have about 2000 (if that) miles on them. Plenty of tread left on these. First $125 takes them. Email me at david @ iungerich . com (take out spaces)
  3. David

    VIP member of the bsanders club

    For those who thought bsanders' brightness knob was turned all the way down, look no further. Here we have a guy who not only plays in the same shallow end of the gene pool, but really needs some floaties too.
  4. David

    Motorcycle for Sale

    Motorcycle - 2003 Honda Shadow A.C.E. (American Classic Edition) Excellent condition. No mechanical issues. Always been reliable. Garage kept • Vance and Hines pipes • Memphis Shades windshield with quick release hardware --...
  5. David

    Waverunner and Motorcycle for Sale

    Motorcycle - Waverunner - david tx family @ - no spaces.
  6. David

    I want some great freak'n coffee

    So generally I brew at home. Occasionally, though, I like a little treat on the way to work. Something like a macchiato or just a good quality coffee. Something different than Starbucks. I tried that Global Peace place over off legacy. It was just ok and rather over priced. I've had better at...
  7. David

    Trailer Brakes

    Looks like my boat trailer is ready for brakes. Don't think I have time to mess with it myself this time. So, for trailer brakes (surge w/ drums), anyone have any suggestions for someone to service? I want someone who actually knows surge brakes and not just someone who has general brake...
  8. David

    New transmission

    Anyone have current opinions on best place to setup a new transmission? Looking at possibly a new 700r4 for our old `68 Chevy. Looking for someone who can do a quality setup for reasonable price.
  9. David

    XBOX package

    XBOX 360 4 Controllers Kinect 16 games including... Halo 4 Halo – Combat Evolved The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Portal 2 Battlefield – Bad Company 2 Limited Edition Battlfield 3 – Limited Edition Battlfield 4 Assassin’s Creed III Star Wars – The Force Unleashed Star Wars...
  10. David

    CHL classes

    I'm starting to see places with classes starting at $59. Any current opinions on best place to take the class?
  11. David

    Original Wheels and Hub Caps for `68 C10

    Original set of wheels and hubcaps from a 1968 C10 pickup. Rims are 15"x5.5" (3.75" BS) - Tires are bad so just selling for value of the rims. Hub Caps are driver quality. Could be smoothed and repainted if desired. Will include a full set of lug nuts. :toast: $125 for wheels...
  12. David

    Wheels for an old 68 C10

    Would like to see who might have some knowledge of some good places to look. We have a `68 C10 pickup that's been in the family since new. My son is taking it on as a project for his first vehicle. Right now it has the original steelies on it. It's ready for new rubber, but they are so...
  13. David

    Labor day weekend at the lake

    Wifey isn't fired up about hitting the lake this weekend given anticipated high volume of boat traffic. I'm kind of thinking the bulk will be Sat and Sun. For those of you that usually head out this weekend, is Monday usually as bad or do you usually see it taper off?
  14. David

    iPhone 5 (16Gig)

    iPhone 5 -- Excellent Condition -- TMobile - $225 Craigslist Ad with pictures - Phone is in great condition. All buttons still feel nice and crisp. Works great. Already wiped clean and up to date with iOS 8.4.1. Has a Zagg screen...
  15. David

    Boat storage

    Already searched a bit and threads are mostly old. So I wanted to check who has what ideas currently. Looking at a 21' boat and need to decide where to keep it. For now, I think I want to avoid a slip. More expensive, ties me to one lake pretty much, and gas becomes more expensive. So for...
  16. David

    Vacation ideas

    Trying to think of some vacation ideas. Date unknown. Possibly late summer. But also considering waiting till like Thanksgiving week. This will be a family of 5 vacation. Here's the question, though. Looking at international as I'd like to show the kids some other cultures and things they...
  17. David

    Boat ramps

    Who knows what the closest Lake is that actually has a ramp open. So far it looks to me like Possum Kingdom is about as close as I can get. Anyone know of any others?
  18. David

    California Emissions

    Who knows what all it includes these days? Considering a CPO 2014 vehicle that has California emissions stuff installed. Back in the day it was annoying add on that sometimes affected performance and gas mileage a bit. Anyone have knowledge of how that stuff is affecting vehicles currently?
  19. David

    Community Exchange

    It's in the Forums menu twice.
  20. David

    Used car sites

    Looking for recommendations on sites to look at vehicles. I'm very familiar with,,, craigslist, and of course CPO listings for the various dealers. Just looking to see if there are any other good ones out there. Particularly for things like certain luxury...