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  1. roberts933

    Very good used condition dining table, chairs and cabinet $300

    Dark wood distressed table and 6 chairs and matching cabinet with wine rack. Very good used condition. $300. 423 and eldorado. Cross posted. Cabinet comes apart into two pieces for easier transport. Table measures 42x72. Send me a pm or email me at Serious inquiries...
  2. roberts933

    prayers for my home state

    My heart is breaking tonight. I saw the 99 tornado and helped clean up from that. This is so much worse - poor innocent babies - gone.
  3. roberts933


    Anyone know what happened to the Sidekicks Martial arts studio? I just noticed they are gone from the Hobby Lobby shopping center on 423.
  4. roberts933

    MD Anderson or Cancer Treatment Centers of America

    Does anyone have insight to either place? I know MD Anderson has an amazing reputation, but I do not know how the whole process works. My 82 year old dad has just been diagnosed with kidney cancer and his urologist in OK plans to remove the kidney with the tumors. I do not know stage, etc., We...
  5. roberts933

    I have a question!? :)

    I think eyebrows are the new mustaches ;)
  6. roberts933

    Martial arts gear

    Sparring gear and bag - only thing missing is the mouthpiece. Bought from Sidekicks martial arts last year for $200 or $250. Like new condition. Will sell for $100 OBO. Size: child. Century brand with Macho martial arts chest protector.
  7. roberts933

    best place to get a mattress set for guest room?

    We are shopping for a queen size mattress set for our guest room. It won't be used much, but we want to get something that is comfortable and not expensive. We would love to spend less than $500 if possible. If you have any personal experience getting one around here for that price that you...
  8. roberts933

    Voting tomorrow - polling places in Denton CO?

    I'm very embarassed to admit this, but I waited until tonight to check to see where I am supposed to go vote tomorrow. Denton county still has my old address (in LE). I am still in LE but in a new neighborhood, on the border of LE/Frisco. Is this going to be a huge problem if I haven't changed...
  9. roberts933

    Golf lessons for a 9 year old beginner

    Anyone have ideas where I can find this for my 9 year old son? He wants to learn how to play and has a set of clubs. We don't want to break the bank, but want to find something close and for it to be a positive experience. His dad and I don't play, so we are clueless. Thanks! We are in Little...
  10. roberts933

    Iphone 3GS for sale

    Iphone 3GS for sale - AT&T carrier. No damage. Charger not included. $75
  11. roberts933

    Dog marking

    OK this is the first time in my life to have a male dog. We recently unofficially adopted him after a friend of a friend rescued him but couldn't keep him. He is not fixed yet. He is very very sweet and it appears he honeymooned with us for the first couple of weeks, with no accidents. Now he is...
  12. roberts933

    CLL - chronic lymphocytic leukemia?

    Has anyone had any experience with this type of leukemia? My FIL was just diagnosed and he is in his 60's. He is very close mouthed about it and since we are not close by, we have been left out of the loop in many ways. My husband is upset about it and just wanted to see if anyone else has dealt...