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  1. Black Bear

    Hit and Run - Dog Euthenized

    I'm so sorry you lost your friend and loving gift from your mom. <3
  2. Black Bear

    another question - bridal gifts this time?

    I think friscokatie is right on. Find out where the girls are registered (the earlier the better before everything reasonable gets purchased) and search for a shower-type gift that fits your budget. $25-40 sounds good for a shower gift, and like Katie said, you'll be buying a more expensive...
  3. Black Bear

    1/3 of competitors in Wrestlemania (1990) dead

    Painkiller addiction, long-term steroid use (and subsequent health/heart problems), alcohol abuse, the list goes on and wrestling management has done pretty much NOTHING to help and take care of their talent, just use them up. I thought things might be improving for them with Triple H near the...
  4. Black Bear

    Upcoming spacewalk schedule

    For anyone who wants to watch the spacewalks streaming, check out the schedule here on the NASA site: First one is this Friday!
  5. Black Bear

    Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Both the fire extinguishers in my auto and kitchen are included in the recall, so please check yours:
  6. Black Bear

    North TX Disney Park Dupe Heading to Court

    Well, well, I guess there WERE some serious rumors about a North Texas Disney Park... with an alleged con man working the scheme. Here's the story in the DMN...
  7. Black Bear

    Heads Up!! RANT Alert! LOL

    Scraven, I'm like you, a trip to KFC was a rare event, usually when my grandmother brought some up or if we went to the beach and took it cold on a picnic. I haven't been to the Little Elm location, but stopped going to the Preston/Kroger location years ago. My youngest loved popcorn chicken and...
  8. Black Bear

    RIP Ernie

    Oh darn, this is definitely sad news. But LLB is right, you gave Ernie a GREAT life. I remember your first post about him, you were afraid he was lonely. So sweet. RIP Ernie, and Flowers, I'm happy you'll be keeping other little critters company with your volunteer work at the SPCA.
  9. Black Bear

    Let's talk grass....and weed....

    Well this is timely.... you may have noted on FOL's homepage that there is a turf grass expert having a 2-hour seminar Weds night at the senior center. Anyone who can spare the time will undoubtedly pick up some useful info...
  10. Black Bear

    IKEA Crib mattress recall

    If you bought a crib mattress from IKEA between 2010 - 2014, you should check to see if it's part of this recall. Mattress may not fit your crib properly and you can return for refund or exchange:
  11. Black Bear

    Ernie goes to the vet -

    Flowers, sorry to hear about our friend Ernie. I'm glad you're going to keep Ernie at home and keep him happy. As we all agreed, he's had a nice long guinea pig life, and he certainly got the right home with you. Good luck with your cat tomorrow. Hopefully it's not crystals in his urinary...
  12. Black Bear

    update on Ernie

    Let us know how he does! :)
  13. Black Bear

    update on Ernie

    Our old buddy, Ernie! I've heard that abscesses and cysts can both be common in guinea pigs, and they come about very quickly. Hopefully someone will recommend a vet who specializes in guinea pigs or small mammals/exotics since they'll have more familiarity with those issues. Ernie's...
  14. Black Bear

    GRACO/CENTURY stroller recall

    If you have this brand of stroller, please read their recall here: Graco received 11 reports of injuries from the strollers, including full and...
  15. Black Bear

    Vote for Heritage's Kene Nwangwu for HS player of the week

    Go Heritage (and Kene)!!!!
  16. Black Bear

    Missing girl from Shops of Legacy

    Clarification Hang on, just to clarify, Richard Jewell did not die by suicide. He was exonerated in the Atlanta park bombing, but had serious medical issues, and died from complications from diabetes and, I believe, heart disease.
  17. Black Bear

    As easy as landing on a comet....

    If you want to see if the Rosetta probe can successfully land on a comet today, check out the live feed here: EDITED TO SAY: Philae has successfully landed, but if you want to listen in to the scientists and engineers discussing the event, they...
  18. Black Bear

    Whistleblower on Texas Presby

    LisaY, I realize that a lot of people here don't have in-depth knowledge of every topic, but you seem to have knowledge about this legal topic. So instead of a snarky question for every comment, why don't you post some real information to clarify any misconceptions or misinformation? That would...
  19. Black Bear

    Self Service Dog Wash?

    Dr. Bobo's office used to have a bay where you could wash your own dog, not sure if they still have it, but it's worth a call.