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  1. Mom

    Looking for a 3 piece orchestra (or some comparable music alternative)

    Texas Dream Cruise - Sent you PM
  2. Mom


    Has anyone taken megabus from dallas to houston? How is it? Safe? It's a lot cheaper than flying
  3. Mom

    Dry Cleaners

    What is the best dry cleaner in town - looking for near Eldorado/Tollway?
  4. Mom

    root hair color

    what root touch up is the most no-mess you use in between colorings?
  5. Mom

    Half Price Books

    my son is collecting books for West Texas to replenish their ISD library. Let me know by PM if you would like to donate your books Thanks
  6. Mom

    2013 graduation sign in book

    Anyone know best place to find one for a grad party. looking for book for guests to sign in with a message. TIA
  7. Mom

    margarita machine

    any recommendations for renting one for a party that you have used? Want it delivered and picked up at the venu - will be non-alcoholic as this is for a kids event TIA
  8. Mom

    Violin for HS

    Need to buy or rent-to-own for a violin for High School Any suggestions from those that have kids in HS Orchestra? TIA
  9. Mom

    Downton Abbey

    When is the next season to start?
  10. Mom

    iphone mail app

    Since Monday all emails that were received the day before are stamped "today" instead of "yesterday" When I log into my email thru a browser they have the correct date. This did not happen before - any ideas? The other dates for email are all correct TIA
  11. Mom

    Avanti Laser

    What do you know about them? They have a great groupon but didn't want to buy unless heard about your experience They are located in Willow Bend area on Dallas Pkwy
  12. Mom

    Quaker Hat

    Looking for a Quaker Hat (similar to one on the Quaker box) - Any ideas?
  13. Mom


    Need recommendation for allergist for teen - pollen etc - not food related. Looking for someone that doesn't just prescribe medication but more natural remedies.
  14. Mom

    Prom Makeup

    Know of anyone that may come to the house for doing makeup for prom? TIA
  15. Mom

    HS Senior Photographer

    What is the website or contact phone# for SouthernTPhotography?
  16. Mom

    HS Senior Photographer

    Need recommendations for HS senior portraits - need someone reasonably priced Any ideas?
  17. Mom

    Coffee Shop or other place

    Is there anyplace you can go after 8-8:30 to hang out with friends - have a cup of coffee and talk until 12 on weeknights? The only place I know is the Main St Bakery at Shops at Legacy - any other places? close to 121/preston (don't want to drive to downtown)
  18. Mom

    whey protein powder

    Saw the vanilla whey protein powder at costco - but has sucralose in it Anyone use vanilla whey protein powder that taste good when blended. My kids love the vanilla flavor but i don't like any artificial sweetners in them. Let me know what you like and where to buy it. TIA
  19. Mom

    DART to AAC

    Is there DART train available to AAC closest from Frisco? Best way to get to AAC?
  20. Mom

    FOL Connection Issues

    I am unable to load the webpage on my computer. I can from other computer. I am able to use yahoo, msn, google etc on the computer but will not load Any ideas? TIA