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  1. Black Bear

    Upcoming spacewalk schedule

    For anyone who wants to watch the spacewalks streaming, check out the schedule here on the NASA site: First one is this Friday!
  2. Black Bear

    Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Both the fire extinguishers in my auto and kitchen are included in the recall, so please check yours:
  3. Black Bear

    North TX Disney Park Dupe Heading to Court

    Well, well, I guess there WERE some serious rumors about a North Texas Disney Park... with an alleged con man working the scheme. Here's the story in the DMN...
  4. Black Bear

    IKEA Crib mattress recall

    If you bought a crib mattress from IKEA between 2010 - 2014, you should check to see if it's part of this recall. Mattress may not fit your crib properly and you can return for refund or exchange:
  5. Black Bear

    GRACO/CENTURY stroller recall

    If you have this brand of stroller, please read their recall here: Graco received 11 reports of injuries from the strollers, including full and...
  6. Black Bear

    As easy as landing on a comet....

    If you want to see if the Rosetta probe can successfully land on a comet today, check out the live feed here: EDITED TO SAY: Philae has successfully landed, but if you want to listen in to the scientists and engineers discussing the event, they...
  7. Black Bear

    Need a private photo sharing site suggestion for estate

    As part of settling an estate, I'd like to give family members the chance of picking out items they would like to have. I'm thinking of a folder where I can put photos and captions of items, then send private invitations to certain people to allow them access to this site/folder. Does...
  8. Black Bear

    Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets RECALL

    Check your freezers to see if you have any of these recalled (for plastic bits) chicken nuggets. I think Trader Joe sells this brand, not sure who else...!bCZQyn
  9. Black Bear

    RECALL - Playtex Pacifier Holder Clip

    Playtex has issued a voluntary recall for this item since a part can break off and present a choking hazard. Here is the recall:
  10. Black Bear

    Guinea Pig issue, need advice

    Hi, my friend noticed that his guinea pig had stopped drinking water out of his water bottle, and will only drink water from a bowl. He thought this was unusual and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to why he's doing this. He'd rather have the piggie drink from the bottle since the...
  11. Black Bear

    New credit card swindle

    My brother's in national law enforcement and from time to time sends me notice of interesting new scams that come across their desk. Here is one I thought I'd post just as a heads up: ************** Just when you thought you'd heard it all. This scam is actually very clever. Be very...
  12. Black Bear

    Plum Organics Recall for some baby/toddler foods

    I'm subscribed to email alerts from the FDA, so here is a recall from Plum Organics for some Baby Stage 2, Mish Mash, and Kids lines:
  13. Black Bear

    Recall for Kraft & Polly-O string cheeses

    The entire recall list can be found in this press release:
  14. Black Bear

    LG ad-- funny or not?

    Okay, this is billed as an incredible piece of "marketing" by LG to advertise their wares. Normally I would think this is all staged, but the reactions of the interviewees do seem truly panic-stricken. I guess I'm losing my sense of humor as I get older, I just don't think this is a 'prank'...
  15. Black Bear

    Ariel Castro jail suicide

    So Ariel Castro took the easy way out and committed suicide Tues night, hanging himself in his cell ( I'm wondering what FOL public opinion is --- are you glad he is saving taxpayers hundreds...
  16. Black Bear

    Build A Bear "Sulley" recall

    There's a recall on the "Sulley" character from Build-A-Bear because the eyes can detach. Return the product to BAB for a coupon for any stuffed animal from BAB. Here's the notice:
  17. Black Bear

    Cat & dog food recall

    Proctor and Gamble is recalling several of its pet food brands over salmonella concerns. This includes Eukanuba and Iams foods. For a complete list of foods and lot numbers, check out this FDA bulletin:
  18. Black Bear

    Another stolen package story...

    But it happened to Arizona. Here's one guy's hunt to find justice, lol:
  19. Black Bear

    George Zimmerman's in TX?

    According to TMZ, George Zimmerman (yes, that George Zimmerman) was pulled over in Forney, TX on Sunday for speeding. He was carrying his gun in the glove compartment and was headed "nowhere in particular." He was given a warning and let go.
  20. Black Bear

    Hunter Mahan has priorities RIGHT!

    Hunter Mahan had the lead mid-way through the Canadian Open when his wife went into labor. With a million dollars on the line, he hopped a plane and flew home to DALLAS to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event.