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    Leaving a job

    I work for a large multi-national company that recently changed their policy so that if you are severed or resign you do not receive any of your accrued vacation pay. I plan to accept a job at an other company in the coming weeks and leave this employer. Also, since it is pertinent to the...
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    Toll bills

    anyone else feel like the costs to take the taxways (ie..tollways) around Frisco have jumped the shark? I mean, it is ridiculous when a toll road becomes a major household budget item. We work in Irving/Richardson and between the 2 of us and 3 teen drivers I'm spending $400+ month. Also, before...
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    Graduation gift question for HS Senior

    Our son is graduating from a FISD school next week. He's overall, a good kid but has given us some trouble in last 2 yrs. Petty theft (had to hire lawyer, a couple speeding tickets, doing dumb stuff), etc. My issue is he feels entitled, thought we haven't spoiled him. I did buy him a small...
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    Selling raw land

    I'm selling our "lot" due to these ridiculous appraisals, I just cant afford to hold it anymore due to taxes. I have an unsolicited buyer, anyone out there working at a title company in Frisco area that can assist? Can a title company provide a simple sales contract and close for me?
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    Political flyer on door

    Just a heads up to Frisco politicians or wanna be's, if you put your flyer (actually 2 of them) on my door when I have a "no solicitation" sign from the city, you will not receive a vote from our household. These are a waste anyway, most will be flying around the hood with the current winds and...
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    Anyone work at Ericsson?

    I may have a job offer from their Plano campus soon. Can anyone shed some light on the workplace, benefits culture and also I've read about financial troubles. Much appreciated.
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    Teen stealing from parents and shoplifting

    our son is 17 and until about a year ago was a "normal" teen. Within the last year, especially the last 4 months he has become a very angry, combative person. He turns 18 in 2 days, so that changes consequences in house and legally. Over the last few months, he started taking $10, $20, here...
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    Found German Shepherd Puppy Frisco

    we found a 4-6 week old german shepherd pup in central Frisco. Looking for owner as it was walking on a busy road. please contact 469 396 5847.
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    My child violated city teen curfew

    Punishment thoughts?? I'm thinking of taking away the car for a year and phone turned in 9p each night. This isnt first time they have left after 12 but first time caught by police. My child was warned of dire consequences if it happened again. 17 yrs old....I'm also considering making them...
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    Shower replacement recommendation

    Can someone recommend a company to replace our master bath shower stall? We have mold due to leaks/cracks in tile and its now into the baseboard around the shower door. Want the whole thing replaced. Unsure about these companies we get flyers on in mail, any advice appreciated!
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    Final paycheck dispute

    Hi all, My daughter (18) worked seasonal for a major retailer at the mall and they refuse to address the fact that she has not been paid for her last week worked. Their corporate office will not call us back. I have read conflicting info on the web about how to handle this. Any suggestions...
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    Lost Orange Cat / Heather Ridge Estates

    Name is Mia, she got out of the house on accident and we havent seen her since Dec 3. We are in Heather Ridge. If you see a small cat with no collar please call or text. She is 8 months old, small build orange/buff - cream colored. 972 658 9038 or 469 396 5847
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    Open Plan Corporate Offices

    My company revealed just yesterday our new "modern office" plan. The new plan takes out the existing 6x6 cubes (down from 10x12's) and is entirely an open plan, no cube walls, just bench desks. Only the top 5 exec's have offices, and small one's at that. They are going ot cram 225 people into...
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    Realtor recommendation Oak Point

    Hi, we are considering buying 1-2 acres in Oak Point area for a future retirement home. Would appreciate a recommendation of someone that knows the area and land availability, rates, restrictions, etc. Thank you
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    Roof Replacement

    I know nothing about this subject, I confess. I last had a roof replaced about 20 years ago and it cost $3k on a 1700 sf home. However, I feel like I'm being "taken" by roofer estimates. I have the typical, 3500, SF two story home in W Frisco. I've been quoted $17-20k to replace the roof...
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    Corporate America "games"

    Those of you who work for a large company will understand this post. Most of us working in large corporations have seen benefits decline, hours worked increase and in general a lowering of morale in the office over the last 10-15 yrs. However, I've noticed a disturbing trend and now the...
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    Leaf Blower noise

    Yeah, I know, first world problems, blah blah. I'm pretty much a Libertarian - dont mess with me and I wont mess with you, etc. Live and let live. I hate laws & ordinances for petty issues. However, I have to ask if anyone else is so bothered by these #*#$# yard services that they are at a...
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    Disciplining a teen for speeding

    Ok, so I need a parents view as I know to my teen I'm a horrible awful person. My 17 y.o. has received two speeding tickets in two months. So, 2 tickets and driving for about 18 months now. She is paying the fines. My punishment for #1, lost car for 2 weeks and pay ticket & D.Driving...
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    40' RV billboard parading in front of Cobb MS

    Has anyone else that has lives off Teel Parkway noticed the ~40' motorhome with the realtor wrap advertisement parading in front of Cobb during drop off and pickup hours? It goes back and forth and u-turns continuously. I honestly didnt get the name of the realtor as I try to keep my eyes on...
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    Gearbox Software to Frisco Square

    What happened with Gearbox moving from Plano to F Square? This was announced 2 + yrs ago and I havent seen anything lately.