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  1. everyrose05

    Ford Bronco Comeback?

    I wish they would bring back the Excursion.
  2. everyrose05

    Tollway home tonight WTH

    A normal 35-40 minute drive for me to Addison everyday has been taking OVER and hour in the mornings this week. People need to get their heads out of their butts!
  3. everyrose05

    My Yorkie died last night

    I'm so sorry for your loss :hug:
  4. everyrose05

    Riverwalk Hotels - San Antonio

    We stayed here once. Right on the riverwalk. Nice hotel and their breakfast buffet is fantastic!
  5. everyrose05

    "You Texans are dumb. We know how to drive in the snow up north!"

    I learned to drive in Michigan and lived there until about 8 years ago. I have always owned a truck, my last one and now my current on had/have 4-wheel drive. I know better. I am not "one of those" people. Down here, people are dumb enough on dry roads. I ain't chancing it when there's ice.
  6. everyrose05

    Ice has started

    Me, too! The tollway is gonna S-U-C-K
  7. everyrose05

    Establishing "legal personhood" for animals

    Only if I can legally claim them on my taxes... ;) In all seriousness though, if you are on my FB or know me IRL, you know how much I love my furbabies. Even this is extreme for me.
  8. everyrose05

    If you were on the tollway this morning...

    Glad you're ok. I got stuck in the cluster * at DNT & Parker this morning.
  9. everyrose05

    Good Knives/Set

    I third Henkels.
  10. everyrose05

    Painful movement

    I'm eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos right now :laugh:
  11. everyrose05

    Gun enthusiats....need recommendations please...

    If you don't know what he wants, I would say keep the gifts simple with universal things like mags. I don't know about your husband, but mine is pretty particular on what he likes so I would never dare to buy him any accessories that are too specific.Then you run the risk of buying a lot of...
  12. everyrose05

    Hockey Game

    Don't hate because the Stars don't have a cool tradition! :respect:
  13. everyrose05

    Hockey Game

    I would go. Should be a good game. :) The best one to go to is the Dallas vs Detroit game! ;)
  14. everyrose05

    What's with the new light?

    I still hate this light and think it is unnecessary at this point in time. It's nothing but a headache.
  15. everyrose05


    I would only use that if she's in a lot of pain. Long term use of Rimadyl is not good. I use this on my 10yr old and he does great on it. Plus it's better for long term use. Good luck!
  16. everyrose05

    Anyone who can laugh at this and say it is not that serious needs to look deep inside

    Pffffft. I laughed and posted that on Facebook before it was cool ;)
  17. everyrose05

    If you only had 3 more days...

    Don't hate.... you know you want 4 of them.