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    Old Carpet Haul Away?

    We are redoing the floors downstairs ourselves and ripped up all the carpet and padding. I saw we could take it to the transfer station but a lot of it is in big pieces and I don't want to break it all down in 6ft pieces (I've done enough manual labor the past 2 weeks). Is there any place that...
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    What's with the new light?

    There is a light up (although not active yet) NB Dallas Parkway by 7-11 going towards Main St. Why? I foresee great sadness with a light being that close to an off ramp. Is there a specific reason they are putting one up and will they put one on the other side of the tollway?
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    Where to buy a smoker?

    Hi all! Watching BBQ Pitmaster's the other night inspired me to want to start smoking. I don't want anything like a Green Egg but more like someone took a 55-gallon drum and made one. Besides the box stores (HD, Lowe's, Cabella's) is there anywhere else to get a decent one that won't cost a...
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    Compact Carpet Cleaner?

    Are there any others to choose from besides Bissel? I have had several Bissel carpet cleaners in the past and they were all garbage. With potty training 2 puppies and now a sick bigger dog, I'm at my wits end trying to clean everything up by hand since I don't want to lug the Rug Doctor around...
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    Our newest additions....

    Meet Remmie (black) and Ronin (tan). We got them from the Plano Animal Shelter on Saturday. Boy, have I forgotten what it's like going thru the potty training phase since it's been 6 years! They are such a blast though.
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    Go Tigers!!!

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    Office Chair Repair?

    Can anyone recommend a place to get this chair fixed? The set screw on the coupling is stripped and will not hold hold the chair height. When it swivels, the chair moves down and stays there. Not cool when your boss is 6'6" and he looks like he's sitting in a little kids chair by the end of the...
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    If you miss cider and donuts...

    To my fellow Michiganders and the like.. If there's one thing I miss this time of year it is going to the cider mill for fresh cider and donuts at Yates! Well, They now ship out of state! And believe it not Texas is their #1 out of state they ship to :) You can go to their website and order...
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    Ringworm Treatment?

    My dog has had a couple of white roundish patches on his skin that were kinda scabbed and flaked off. After I gave him a haircut and bath yesterday (its been about a month since his last one), I noticed he had several spots like that along his hind and neck (maybe around 10 total). They are...
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    Free Coffee at 7-11 This morning until 10am

    Free large coffee at 7-11 this morning until 10am. They have the election cups, too :) Enjoy!
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    Happy Birthday, Sling!

    Hope you have a great day! :bday:
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    Martial Arts Classes for Adults?

    Anyone have any recs on martial arts classes for beginner adults? Evening classes are a must as we both work. Thanks!
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    Permits along N County?

    Are there any building permits in progress along N County and All Stars? I noticed today they are putting in a sidewalk along N County by the Core building. Could be just for walking purposes, but was just curious if there were any new businesses going up soon...
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    Another Happy Big Bear Fan!

    He came out first thing this morning to fix our AC. Turns out it was a blown capacitor. Hubby was really happy with his work and should we ever have an AC issue again, we would definitely use him! Thanks Big Bear!
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    Model Car Painters or the like

    I had my AR-15 engraved yesterday and I may want to have the logo I had put on it painted. I'm afraid DH might mess it up so as a backup, I was wondering if anybody knows of a model car painter or someone like that that can do that kind of detail? TIA
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    Electronic Earmuffs for Outdoor Shooting?

    Anyone have these? Are they any good? Thinking about getting a pair for DH. If you have some, do you have any recs on good ones? Any to stay away from? TIA
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    RIP Davy

    Davy Jones, the lead singer of the Beatles-inspired made-for-TV pop group the Monkees, died in Florida Wednesday. He was 66. The performer's death was confirmed to PEOPLE by the medical examiner in Martin County, Fla. No cause of death was immediately available. The British-born Jones...
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    Another Lawn Service Thread

    Tried the search function, but nothing really stands out. I am changing lawn service companies and need a recommendation for a great one, please. Main needs are the basic weekly mowing and also shrub trimming and a weed/fertilization package. These can all come from one company or can be...
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    Personable Pet Care

    Anyone ever use them for pet sitting / overnight stays? If so, I'd appreciate any feedback. TIA