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    Math Tutor

    I'm looking for a math tutor for my 3rd grader. Anyone have any recommendations? TIA!
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    What A Great Dog

    My pug Murphy and I are going to our first Pet Manners I class tonight. Murphy is about 4 yrs old and we adopted him about a year ago. He has NO manners whatsover. I took him for a training eval at What A Great Dog and trainer couldn't get him to sit :/ Wish us luck!! We definitely need...
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    Frisco Farmers Market

    Anyone been to the Frisco Farmers Market this season yet? How is it? Are there are a lot of vendors? Good selection? How are the prices? I know there is one in Little Elm also. TIA
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    Kitchen Countertops

    I'm looking to change out the counter tops in my kitchen. Where is the best place to find out what my options are and get an estimate? TIA!
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    Taking the bus to school

    My DD will be in 6th grade and is planning on taking the bus to school. I checked on the FISD website and found the bus stop etc. Is there a sign up process? Does she just show up at the bus stop? For the first day of school, I'm taking her to school and picking her up. So she will need to...
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    Opened our home and hearts once again

    Losing Frank (our pug) was heartbreaking for our family. We had him for such a short time but we loved him and miss him very much. After a lot of soul searching we decided to open our hearts and our home to another pug. We contacted DFW Pug Rescue and they found us another pug. Meet...
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    Upate on Frank (our pug)

    Frank passed away Friday night. He died in his sleep :( We found out a couple of weeks ago that that he had oral cancer. Our vet ecommended that we meet with an oncologist who we saw on Friday. The tumor was so much bigger than we thought and it was inoperable. Radiation therapy would...
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    Food for a dog with very few and/or no teeth

    Our new dog, Frank (a pug) is going in for dental cleaning/work tomorrow. (I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing but I DO trust our vet). With the dental cleaning he will be getting 5 teeth extracted. Before we adopted him, he has had already 3 teeth extracted. I'm not sure how many...
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    Summer Nanny/Sitter

    Anyone have experience having a summer nanny/sitter? I have 11 and 7 yr old rirls. The 11 yr old is not really wanting to go to any summer camps this summer so I'm looking at the summer nanny/sitter option. What should I expect to pay for someone? I'm hoping to get a college kid, someone...
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    Chewing and crate training advice

    We adopted Frank the pug about a week ago. He came from a puppy mill and he didn't spend more then a few days in the fosters home he was at. While he is doing pretty well, we definitely need to do some training with going in this crate and to stop some of the chewing he has been doing. The...
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    Our new addition :)

    We adopted a pug from the DFW Pug Rescue last weekend. He is the friendliest, snuggliest, sweetest dog! We just love him! Meet Frank the pug :) If you anyone is interested in a adopting a pug, please check out the DFW Pug Rescue. A few weeks ago, they raided a couple of puppy...
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    Great Danes

    Anyone here have any experience with great danes? Wasn't there someone on FOL that works a lot with this breed? I've always loved the breed and thinking about potentially adopting one. I have some questions. TIA!
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    Gymnastics class

    My 6 yr DD would like to (actually is dying to..hehe) to take gymnastics classes. We have been on the waiting list with Eagle Gymnastics for over a month now. I called them today and they said it probably another month wait :(. We've been to WOGA before, but I was not happy with our...
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    Gel/Shellac Manicure

    Anyone know where a good place to get a Gel/Shellac manicure? TIA!
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    Glasses for kids

    My 6 yr old broke her glasses and I need to get her a new pair ASAP. We normally go to Frisco Eye Associates but it takes about a week to get new glasses in. Does anyone know where to get kid's glasses that have a quick turn around? TIA!
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    What to do in Austin?

    DH and I are heading to Austin for the weekend - leaving Friday afternoon and come back Sunday afternoon. We are staying downtown. We've been to Austin before but it's been a few years. Any recommendations of restaurants, bars and "must do's"?? TIA!
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    Bridal shower gift

    Where is a good place to buy "bridal" lingerie? Something pretty and tasteful :) It is for my sister. A local place would be ideal since I don't have time to get something online. TIA!
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    Commuting to Las Colinas

    Anyone from Frisco commute to Las Colinas? I just started a new job and I'm looking for the best way to get to work. My office is at 114 and O'Connor. I've been taking 121 to 35 to George Bush to 161 to 114. Are there alternate routes that are better? The only major traffic I encounter is...
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    ADD and Learning Disabilities Consult and Eval

    I spoke to my pediatrician and she recommended Dr Ronald Ramirez for a initial consult and testing for possible ADD and learning disabilities. Does anyone have any experience with him? Anyone have any other doctor/practice recommendations to go for a consult and testing/eval? TIA!
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    Cat peeing in the dog's bed

    For the last few days, I discovered that my cat who is 13 yrs old has been peeing in the my dog's bed. I have NO clue why he is doing it or how to stop it. We haven't made any changes to his litter box, litter or location of the litter box. We have had him for 8 yrs and have never had an...