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    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a Friscopoly game (Frisco version of Monopoly)? The Heritage Center is sold out. I am looking for an unopened one for a gift. TIA
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    Diaper Cakes

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    Tree Trimming

    Does anyone have a recommendation for inexpensive tree trimming? We have a nuisance neighbor on one side who never trims their tree and it is so overgrown we can't even get our cars in the driveway. They won't trim it so we always have to pay to have it done which is getting very old. I don't...
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    Nurse gets pizza topping he didn't order

    Curious to hear people's thoughts - do you consider it rude to wait until 5 minutes before closing to order a pizza?
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    Frisco schools in the news again

    Report: Frisco Centennial assistant coach told black players he would ‘hang them from a tree by their toes’ more:
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    Active Shooter Situation - A Civilian's Response

    I know not everyone reads the main page of FOL so I wanted to post this here. Looks like a very informative session and worthwhile to attend if you can: Active Shooter Situation - A Civilian's Response You are in a restaurant having dinner with your family and someone starts shooting. What...
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    Keurig or another brand

    I've gotten spoiled at work using the Keurig and want to get one for the house but don't want to get one that will only use Keurig K-cups. Do all Keurig models use only their own K-cups? Or is there another brand coffeemaker that will let you use any brand? I buy the pods at Sam's or Costco and...
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    Is it too much to ask?

    Had a neighbor help themselves to our trash bin and filled it to overflowing. I don't mind sharing if someone has excess trash one week but 1) we have several days to go before trash pick-up and now no room to put our own trash and 2) the city won't pick it up if it's overflowing which, thanks...
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    Leo's Street Tacos

    Noticed this is now open where Freddy's, then Zippy's, used to be. The sign says they serve authentic Mexican tacos. Just looked at their menu - the Chicken Chipotle Salad looks good.
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    Homestead exemption on Nov ballot

    Early voting has started. I can't get to the polls fast enough to vote for this one: Proposition 1: Raise the homestead exemption for school property taxes from $15,000 to $25,000...
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    Buyer's Remorse in Texas

    Is there such a thing as buyer's remorse in Texas? We purchased a piece of furniture at the Weirs Outlet this weekend and are having second thoughts about it but it says on the receipt: "Outlet purchases and delivery fees are non-returnable and are not eligible for a refund. We ask you to...
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    DeAndre Jordan

    Wow, what a punk move....he could have at least had the decency to handle it like a man and talk to Cuban instead of hiding from him. This headline sums it up well: National reaction: DeAndre Jordan's word as valuable as his 'free-throw shooting'...
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    Does anyone know?

    I've noticed they have started work on the field on the west side of Preston Road between Rolater & Wade by the Animal Hospital. Does anyone know what they will be building there?
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    Frisco HOA fines residents who park in driveway instead of garage

    Frisco HOA fines residents up to $500 for parking in their driveway instead of garage:
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    PJ's Textbooks

    Did they close down or did they move to another location in Frisco, does anyone know? It's now a Kolache Factory.
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    Tom Brady

    What is a fair punishment? I'm on board with the rumored 6-8 game suspension for him.
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    Bonds on May Ballot

    Just looked at the ballot since early voting starts this week. There sure are a LOT of bonds on the ballot: Prop 1 - The issuance of $41,500,000 tax bonds for public safety facilities, firetrucks, equipments, and warning sirens Prop 2 - The issuance of $125,000,000 tax bonds for street and...
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    Ghetto Kroger no more?

    I haven't been in there for several weeks but went there tonight and saw it is getting quite the makeover inside - it looks good!
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    Email Etiquette

    Curious to hear some opinions on this: When sending business emails to multiple people, do you list the recipients in order of importance or alphabetically?
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    Spring forward

    Just a reminder this is the weekend we turn our clocks ahead on hour and go back on Daylight Savings Time. Don't be late for work on Monday. :)