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    I voted but so sad to see less than 10,000 people in Frisco voted. Why are the citizens of Frisco so complacent when it comes to voting?
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    Other Forums?

    Have all the other Forums gone now? There used to be many more than just 'Talk About Town'.
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    The Trails Community Sale - Sat/Sun 10-21 & 10/22

    The Trails Community Sale - Saturday Oct. 20 and Sunday Oct. 21. 7am-4pm
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    So how much rain did everyone get?

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    Plano Teen going to shoot-up Stonebriar Mall

    Texas Teen Matin Azizi-Yarand Arrested For Planning Mall Shooting Spree
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    Tavolo's is now closed...

    Just read that as of this past Monday, Tavolo's and Mattito's in Frisco Square are closed. I didn't care for Mattito's but loved Tavolo's. Owned by same person. Why does Frisco Square have such a hard time keeping restaurants??
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    Fairview Mall Santa

    Was this the man who was at Stonebriar Mall for a while and then went to Fairview.
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    Toll Road Closures AGAIN!!

    PSA - another weekend of tollroad closures......southbound and northbound!!!
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    So tragic........ So tragic to hear about this. Condolences to the man's family.
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    Hurt's Donuts

    Why is everyone standing in line for upwards up 2 hours to get donuts? Are they that good?
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    Plano High School and Graduation Honors

    Plano High School is NOT going to allow students to display their National Honor Society honors with their caps and gowns on graduation day because other students might get their feelings hurt...
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    The Trails Community Yard Sale

    Saturday & Sunday, April 16 and April 17. Many sales throughout the neighborhood. 7am-3pm
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    Log In

    I log in on the main page of FOL (and check the "remember me" box. I then go to a forum page and have to log in again. Why?
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    So who wants Johnny Football?
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    Rainfall Totals???

    Anybody know how much rain have we've gotten so far. Our rain gauge broke last month and we haven't replaced it yet. Just curious since it rained almost all night.
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    What events are being canceled

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    Golf Clubs and Golf Bag

    Golf bag (Tour Trek) - $25 Various Clubs: Adams Golf Idea Pro 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Irons - $20 each Pitching Wedge - $10 Mizuno MX-23 3 Iron $15 Momentus Golf Swing Trainer - $20 Putter $20 Nike Golf - Putter OZ-1 - $20 Ray Cook - Classic Plus Chipper - $15 Cleveland Golf...
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    The Trails of West Frisco Neighborhood Sale

    The Trails of West Frisco is have their neighborhood wide yard sales this weekend (September 19 & 20). Lots of sales and lots of good stuff. Just west of Teel off Main Street in Frisco, Texas.
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    Alice Walton (WalMart family) selling Texas Ranch

    Daughter of Sam Walton selling Texas Ranch for $19.75 million........
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    New Laws in Texas

    New laws that went into effect today: