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  1. Teach

    A Rodeo Goat is coming to Frisco

    "In more suburb news, Rodeo Goat and Flying Fish, both concepts from the same company that owns Meddlesome Moth and Flying Saucer, are headed to Frisco, GuideLive reports. Both restaurants will set up shop in Frisco's Heritage Creekside development, expected to open in late 2017." This is good...
  2. Teach

    Anyone have an electric bike?

    Looking to meet up with other e-bikers in Frisco or McKinney.
  3. Teach

    Boston Eats??

    Quick 3 day trip to Boston on Monday for a bass trombone customizing and a Red Sox game. Give me some places to eat if you have been...
  4. Teach

    Cubs-Cardinals 8/12/2016 1:20pm

    I have 4 e-Tickets which can be printed to this much coveted series on the above date. I will sell for $50 each which is what I bought them for. All you have to do is get the plane tickets. Section 527 Row 9 seats 101-104 These tickets are going to double in price as the season progresses. Go...
  5. Teach

    Fare sales unannounced

    If you are looking for a good deal to Europe start watching Emirates route out JFK. They are forcing some deep discounts on competitors. I bought 2 r/t tickets for this summer on Delta from DFW to Milan for 750 each which included all the taxes. You have to check the websites daily. Hope this...
  6. Teach

    Done with FGC

    Third time was enough. Over 2 hour wait for members again. Nights and weekends it's always the same. Too many customers, not enough staff and lanes continually closed for LTC qualifications or reserved for higher members. I would rather drive a little distance than kill 2 hours waiting for a...
  7. Teach

    Knock knock live in Frisco

    Anyone see this tonight on Fox?
  8. Teach

    Rough Rider prices

    When did Rough Rider prices get more expensive than Ranger tickets? 20 bucks for a weeknight seat is getting up there...
  9. Teach

    Did they ever find the missing man from Frisco?

    His name is Sidney Sorenson and I believe he went missing sometime in early March. I ask because another case in Plano today reminded me of him....
  10. Teach


    $70 or BEST OFFER. Wobbles slightly. Good for nursing moms. WILL DELIVER!
  11. Teach

    Happy National Beer Day!!

    My favorite for the summer.... What's your favorite at the moment?
  12. Teach

    NBC5 Drinking Game (bad weather)

    Everytime you hear "Texas Thunder Truck" you can take a drink. It only works during stormy weather. They sure are proud of it as they say it multiple times a minute and it gets old very very quick.
  13. Teach

    Pizzeria thanks

    Went in for the first time today and it will be the last. I lived in northern Italy for 6 years and Sicily for a year so I have had a variety of pies and the only thing that was close to getting the real deal was the crust. Ordered the pie and I swear there was a "drizzle of mozzerella".. a few...
  14. Teach

    Who wants to go to Curacao?

    Looking for a couple who would like to share a 3 bedroom house in Curacao this summer. 800 per couple plus wire transfer fee to Netherlands (half paid already). 687pp air fare. PM please
  15. Teach

    Bagel question

    If someone offered you half a bagel would you want the top or bottom and why? Toasting a top half right now but had to make the decision and it caused me to think about it.
  16. Teach

    Resume help

    My wife needs some help with sprucing up and/or re-arranging her resume. Any one know of a good resume writer or service?
  17. Teach

    Today is....

    What's your favorite pie??????
  18. Teach

    Has anyone been to Curacao?

    We have rented a house there for 10 days this summer. Has anyone been there and could give some info on the island from first hand observations?
  19. Teach

    Tom Magliozzi dies.... Car Talk host

    He was part of my Saturday morning for many many years. Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, were the best show on NPR before they ended it about a year ago. I still listen to the reruns on satellite radio.
  20. Teach

    Two very good red wines you have to try

    Had them both this week. Ensure you get the right years. Smooth on the palate, wonderful aromas, and great reviews for wines priced below their value.