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  1. Teach

    Where is the lively conversation that FOL used to have?

    FOL is still up and running?? :censored::censored::censored:??????? I admin a Facebook group called McKinney Cares with 12,500 members. Come on over across the border . :)
  2. Teach

    A Rodeo Goat is coming to Frisco

    Yep, the original article had the right location but the wrong city CRAP
  3. Teach

    A Rodeo Goat is coming to Frisco

    "In more suburb news, Rodeo Goat and Flying Fish, both concepts from the same company that owns Meddlesome Moth and Flying Saucer, are headed to Frisco, GuideLive reports. Both restaurants will set up shop in Frisco's Heritage Creekside development, expected to open in late 2017." This is good...
  4. Teach

    Cutting the cord - is there a good option?

    Trying out the new DirectTV Now for a few days. Have Sling, Netflix, Hulu and OTA now. DirectTV Now came online today and it streams a lot better than Sling. The initial promo pack is $35 for 100 channels which they say will be grandfathered when promo is over. Don't care about DVR or pause and...
  5. Teach

    Anyone have an electric bike?

    Looking to meet up with other e-bikers in Frisco or McKinney.
  6. Teach

    DirecTV/ATT vs Time Warner/Charter

    Thats what we just did. Direct TV is gone and now have an OTA antenna and Sling TV. Had to up my speed to 12Mbps and it seems to work most of the time. A few bufferings every hour for a few seconds but nothing I can't live with.
  7. Teach

    Boston Eats??

    Quick 3 day trip to Boston on Monday for a bass trombone customizing and a Red Sox game. Give me some places to eat if you have been...
  8. Teach

    Happy 13th FOL anniversary pearceg!

    I agree ATQ. My join date 02-02-2003 and I have contributed nuttin. Same monkey, same gun. Amazing who is popping outa da woodwork in this thread :)
  9. Teach

    Suggestions on Where to Rent a Pick-up or Truck with a Towing Hitch?

    What are the dates in August?
  10. Teach

    Questions about concert at the Gexa Energy

    Saw Train there last year and it was a good experience. Good advice to sit in middle halfway up with a tarp, blanket and someone to enjoy it with.
  11. Teach

    Cubs-Cardinals 8/12/2016 1:20pm

    I have 4 e-Tickets which can be printed to this much coveted series on the above date. I will sell for $50 each which is what I bought them for. All you have to do is get the plane tickets. Section 527 Row 9 seats 101-104 These tickets are going to double in price as the season progresses. Go...
  12. Teach

    Fare sales unannounced

    Look for the competitors to Emirates on the routes out of JFK
  13. Teach

    Severe Weather Outbreak Tomorrow (26th)

    This is another guy to follow...
  14. Teach

    Fare sales unannounced

    If you are looking for a good deal to Europe start watching Emirates route out JFK. They are forcing some deep discounts on competitors. I bought 2 r/t tickets for this summer on Delta from DFW to Milan for 750 each which included all the taxes. You have to check the websites daily. Hope this...
  15. Teach

    Study skills tutor for 8th grader

    sent you a PM
  16. Teach

    Done with FGC

    I was a member and the reserve a lane is not working well enough. They have gone from an hourly lane rate to all the time you want. Non members are staying on the lanes a lot longer.
  17. Teach

    Done with FGC

    Third time was enough. Over 2 hour wait for members again. Nights and weekends it's always the same. Too many customers, not enough staff and lanes continually closed for LTC qualifications or reserved for higher members. I would rather drive a little distance than kill 2 hours waiting for a...
  18. Teach

    I miss the former FOL

  19. Teach

    Fewer topics

    I read but rarely post anymore. Twelve years on the forum but the days of stirring it up with all of the first and second year forum members are over.... yawn