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    Fingers Crossed day

    What great news!
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    Responses from Rescues

    I volunteer with the DFW Pug Rescue and the dogs are fostered. We love our rescue pug and foster on occasion too. My experience has been that most rescues are small and only have a handful of volunteers to do all of the work. I would say don't give up. If you are interested in a pug DFWPR...
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    Tick Tock - Summer break is on the Clock

    I have two weeks to win the lotto... Not happening, thus I've completed my online training, submitted my year-at-a-glance, and my first six weeks of lessons. Now back to reading books I actually picked out and will never assign anyone to read, and time with my own kiddos.
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    Lets make it a happy friday

    Guess I need a margarita for lunch. The beauty of summer vacation and no stupid summer training. My happy thoughts for the day = my kids go outside and play so much more than they used to. My personal favorite are the fossil hunts. My chicken coop is complete and I should be getting my first...
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    One of the negatives of being a free range parent

    Took my 14yo stepdaughter on a bike ride. Showed her how to get to the "nearest" convenient store/gas station and told her she was more than welcome to ride her bike on her own and go when she got bored or wanted to "grab a treat." She was amazed I would let her go by herself. I was floored...
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    Company Group Insurance

    We use the husband's insurance. He pays $310/mo then our "maximum out of pocket" is $5000/$10000 and the whole PPO 80/20 thing. If we used my insurance our premium would be around $800/mo and our out of pocket cap would be $18,000. Plus the fact that the insurance coverage wouldn't cover me...
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    Auto Accident Experience

    My experience: -Of course there is no coverage for travel related losses through your/their car insurance -No, you will not get any coverage for loss or damage to your personal items -You will only get the value of the car, not the replacement value (parents where in an accident that...
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    Feedback on Lennar builder

    When we lived in Frisco we had a home built by Lennar. The things I would have changed about the house never had anything to do with the quality of construction. I personally felt they were/are a good builder for the price. You can find better, but be prepared to pay a lot more too. In our...
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    Places to ignite your own Fireworks around the area?

    I am headed into town tomorrow to take the girls to the library so I will get the info for you.
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    Frisco HOA fines residents who park in driveway instead of garage

    If it is a gated community then you have to register your vehicles with the HOA. When we lived in Frisco we had to list our cars and drivers. When they switched from the clicker for the front gate to the Toll Tag it was even more specific since it was tied to the tag and you couldn't just 'loan'...
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    Places to ignite your own Fireworks around the area?

    If you're willing to do the drive there is one in Valley View off of 35. Never been, just saw the signs around town out here. I'm right around an hour from 380 and the tollway, so add about 15-20 minutes beyond that because VV is past me.
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    Oncologist needed

    I love my oncologist. She is in Dallas if you are interested, but I know a few people who go to the oncology group at Baylor McKinney and speak highly of them.
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    Is Highway 380 from the Tollway to 35 Flood Free?

    It's open. I drove it Saturday.
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    Is anyone sick with flu like symptoms?

    My two kiddos are down for the count. High fever, body aches, vomiting, etc. Their school had six kids out of 60ish miss a field trip yesterday.
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    RIP Robin Williams

    Very few celebrity deaths bring a tear to my eye. I feel for their family's loss but do not grieve. This one however breaks my heart. Not just because he was a great comedian but rather for the silly man I met many years ago at a Special Olympics event in L.A. He genuinely loved volunteering...
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    I know the bugs have been bad this year. I am just grateful my MIL gave us a bunch of bug spray stuff that works wonders. I've had a total of five bites all summer and I'm normally covered. My girls have only had one a piece and we've been outside like crazy this year. I don't think you can...
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    Family vacation conundrum

    We came to a decision as a family, which included having her mom FaceTime with us, when she was here for the summer. It actually became an easy decision to make after having just returned from Minnesota where she spent exactly two hours in our cabin with us, the remainder if the time she spent...
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    Looking for a Headhunter for Job Search

    Husband used to do banking and still has connections. What industry are you looking for?
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    Summer but where are the kids ?

    :yeah: But then I think about how much happier we are away from both sets and I think, nah, we'll just put 'em on a plane when they are older :)