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    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Labor day weekend - have entered into a friendly rib comp. Could use some guidance with other rib recipes. The rules are simple - port ribs only. Cooked on the spot. I can pre-mix or marinate before the cook. The only problem is that I am stuck on a friends smoker since I am not willing to...
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    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Spatchcock chicken tonight smoked over some apple-wood. Seasoned with mother-clucker and then lightly brushed with a mix of Sweet Baby Ray's and Stone IPA. Low and slow - 215ish for a couple of hours. I have to say, this might be the best one I have cooked in a while.
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    Here ya go atheists....chew on this one for a while...

    So you rest your belief in "science" and a theory that comes up short....? Blasphemy! It cannot be!!! Isn't your believe in the creation of the universe also faith? (Faith: strong belief in someone or something). Of course the sun is understood through astronomy. Astronomy is just a...
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    Here ya go atheists....chew on this one for a while...

    Do you believe that? If not, what is your theory?
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    Here ya go atheists....chew on this one for a while...

    What caused the Big Bang?
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    Amazon beats even Walmart

    I was just thinking this today. Went to Belks to grab some slacks. When we arrived to pay, my wife asked if they had any store discounts. The associate told us that we would need to find it online and then they could apply the discount. I'm like really? They want to to go through some...
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    Boston Eats??

    I have been to Boston a few times this year and make it a mission to get over to B&G Oysters for their Lobster Roll.
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    Amazon Prime Day

    Not sure about the true horsepower of AWS but I have been in one of their smaller COLO sites and the security alone was impressive.
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    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Holy mother of bad :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored:! Step by step instructions please!
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    Solar Panels on house

    My rooftop solar works great. Charging a 20000Ma battery and a JBL Clip for endless Tribal Seeds!
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    Has anyone here ever sued a debt collector and won?

    Answer the phone, tell them yes, so and so is here....hold please. Then put them in hold for 5 min....come back to the phone and be like, so and so will be right here, hold please... Rinse and repeat. They will stop calling!
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    Cocktails - Here Ye Here Ye!

    What's your favorite mixer or drink? I'm more of a beer, bourbon and red wine drinker but have been enjoying some mixers lately. Give this one a try - perfect poolside beverage. Pineapple infused vodka - I make my own with Tito's. 1.75 over two whole pineapples. Let it sit for about...
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    Orlando shooter was so disgusted by the sight of two men kissing

    Wouldn't it have been easier to just kill himself?
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    Orlando terror attack

    Perhaps he didn't get enough hugs and first place ribbons as a kid?
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    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Pics of the pig roast. The China Box.
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    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    So the vodka started flowing early and I wasn't able to snap pics of the brisket but it turned out great. Very juicy, pulled apart very easily but was lacking in the smoke flavor area. I can never get a good smoke ring on this egg. Started it around 9:30PM and took it off of the egg around...
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    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    It's resting well in the cooler. Haven't cut into it yet. Ended up outside making temp adjustments at 3am, 4am and again at 5am. Now I'm roasting a pig in the China Box. Dinner will be epic.
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    Shots fired at Love Field

    What a mess this created for travelers. I never travel through Love. Couldn't even imagine the mess this would have created at DFW with all terminals being connected on the sterile side via the Sky Link....
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    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Having another go at the brisket tonight. Couldn't find time to get over to Costco so choice grade it is. 14.35 pounds. Going to throw it on the egg over some premium lump and hickory. No injections or special marinades; going simple salt and pepper. Pics later. Trying to decide if I...
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    How to pay a speeding ticket in Frisco

    Those evil profit center police departments. They're all secretly driving Range Rovers and live in lavish multi-million dollar homes. I guarantee most do not have the freee time to spend on useless videos designed to troll. Reality check: Most civil servants have to work two jobs just to...