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  1. Golfer Girl

    What is wrong with my TV?

    I have Verizon FIOS.
  2. Golfer Girl

    What is wrong with my TV?

    I will try and switch the box out tonight and see what happens. If the problem doesn't go away then I will try switching the cable and see what happens.
  3. Golfer Girl

    What is wrong with my TV?

    I have more than one TV and it only happens with the one set. It also happens if I watch something I DVR'd I don't own a DVD player or blue ray player so I can't test that. I am thinking it could be the HDMI cable It will be a pain to change because it us in the walls and then out to the...
  4. Golfer Girl

    What is wrong with my TV?

    Ok so all you techies out there, what is wrong with my TV? I will be watching TV and the sound and picture will cut out for a few seconds and then come back. It happens repeatedly to the point which it is barely watchable. Its getting very annoying The sound takes a second or two longer...
  5. Golfer Girl

    Refi with Cash Out

    This is a bad idea. Never convert an unsecured loan (credit card debt) to a secured loan (mortgage). Pay it down yourself. Stop using the cards. Do whatever you have to but don't covert.
  6. Golfer Girl

    Warrant help...

    And never sell a car without removing the license plates. Amazes me that people do this.
  7. Golfer Girl

    Do you make your bed each day

    I make my bed every morning. On the rare occassion I don't make it, I make it before I go to bed. I am with the others who say their bedroom is their sanctuary. My bedroom is peaceful and is kept neat. No clothes on the floor, no computer, etc.
  8. Golfer Girl

    Tub Re-glazing companies

    I had a few chips repaired in a tub a few years ago. The tub looked brand new when it was done. The guys name was Phil. I would use him again in a heartbeat. He did a beautiful job and did not charge a lot either. I think I paid $100, but I don't remember for sure...
  9. Golfer Girl

    Successful, middle aged, good parents, but not single friend

    Have you thought about starting a dinner group in your neighborhood? Or hosting an open house. A Memorial Day picnic at your house? When you read through threads like this it seems they all full of responses of people who feel the same way, yet no one knows what to do. Be that person who...
  10. Golfer Girl

    When I request a breakdown of car purchase...

    Out the door price is just that .....out the door. It includes everything (taxes, title, registration etc.) Tell them your out the door price and go from there. For what its worth I bought my Honda at Bankston Honda in Lewisville and had a really good experience. I would buy there again.
  11. Golfer Girl

    What did your inspector find?

    I had a few things, but nothing major. Caulking around the windows and doors needed to be replaced, bathtub drains were draining slowly, AC differntial in temperature. I think it cost me less than $300 to fix it all. Remember you don't have to fix everything they ask for. Its a wish list...
  12. Golfer Girl

    I dont get auto dealers

    Not always. Everyone know the dealers make a killing on the financing. They tell you your credit is crappy and tell you that you would only qualify for a higher rate because they make more money that way. Or they have given such a good deal on the car that they can't offer you a lower rate...
  13. Golfer Girl

    Recycling Electronics- Who Takes Items?

    Any Best Buy. They take just about anything for no charge. I have gotten rid of lots of stuff through them. Also many do not know this, but in the state of Texas you must be able to dispose of your old computer equipment at no cost to you. You can contact the manufacturer, but Best Buy is...
  14. Golfer Girl

    This is what a LOSER looks like

    Police Magazine is your source? Really????
  15. Golfer Girl

    This is what a LOSER looks like

    Are you involved in the investigation? Work for the FBI?
  16. Golfer Girl

    This is what a LOSER looks like

    I guess I am just curious to what you thought all those runners should have done? A bomb just went off and then another. Take away the fact that they were running a marathon. They also had a tent set up as a make shift emergency room right at the scene for the race. It was loaded with...
  17. Golfer Girl

    What do you eat when you are deskbound?

    My company recently gave classes on eating healthy, exercising etc. This is what happens when you work in the medical industry I guess. What they said is when you eat you should only eat enough to keep you full for 2-3 hours. You should eat 5-6 times a day, but not to the point you are full...
  18. Golfer Girl

    Car Rental - Florida

    I used to rent thru National for work and loved them. They always had great cars, and yes they are newer models. While I would not recommend the insurance, I would think twice about the roadside assistance. I learned this the hard way. Rented a car last year when I travelled to Toronto for...
  19. Golfer Girl

    Selling stamps

    Not a huge market for them honestly. When my father passed away he had THOUSANDS of stamps he had collector. He was an avid collector. My mother was told they all needed to be scanned or cataloged before she took them to anyone and she was better off selling them as a lot then individual...