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  1. Trixi

    Hi everyone :-)

    I will find her little yankee butt and send her this way :)
  2. Trixi

    For EscapeRocks

    I actually heard an advertisement about EscapeRocks being somewhere here in Houston - I thought that was cool
  3. Trixi

    Hi everyone :-)

    Oh well, my husband got tired of the commute from rural living, so we moved back to Houston. However, I was at the ranch the past few days for a visit and its a total menagerie: cows, horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, dogs, cats I don't miss living out there, but I miss those animals :)
  4. Trixi

    Hi everyone :-)

    I haven't been on forever, so I thought I'd drop by and see what's going on :)
  5. Trixi

    Summer vacation plans

    We are doing a staycation....We just have too many animals and hate to ask the ranch workers and my parents to tend to them. I'm broken hearted, because I wanted to go back to Costa Rica :(
  6. Trixi

    Happy birthday Trixie!!!

    Thank ya'll so much!
  7. Trixi

    Propane or Heat pump?

  8. Trixi

    Water Feature

    So, our backyard deck is like a wine garden...tons of candles, lights in the trees, etc. I think the one thing missing is a water feature. If you have one or have considered it, talk to me about it. I told my husband I wanted one and he said NO, I already have too much stuff to take care of...
  9. Trixi

    Homeland Security warning triggered by IE bug

    As Rebel said, most large corporations still use IE. It truly is not an easy task to support a different browser. I've worked at only Fortune 200 companies (in IT) and with everyone of them, we were directed to develop to IE. All the testing, changes, etc. is a long, long process.
  10. Trixi

    Life Enrichment Bootcamp

    We just hug and when we speak to others and touch their arm...No naughtiness LOL. But really I think some that said they were touchy, feely their hugs say it all And JJ, you did not answer my question LOL which one are you?
  11. Trixi

    Life Enrichment Bootcamp

    It was a trip last night! We had all these activities. The one that really stuck with me was called Love Language...So what is important to you? 1. Quality Time 2. Receiving Gifts and Services 3. Touchy, Feely 4. Encouragement I'm definitely a Touchy, Feely and my husband is...
  12. Trixi

    A girl post

    Has anyone had breast reduction surgery? I'm thinking about it, but I need more info...What google has presented to me is not lovely. I weigh 98 pounds.
  13. Trixi

    Life Enrichment Bootcamp

    No, I just try to help others...
  14. Trixi

    Life Enrichment Bootcamp

    yes mam we mentor and truly I would prefer a glass of wine and NEVER wear makeup :) ETA: we are not the typically accepted as the the mentoring type, we are very casual but "some" people actually like us and feel comfortable with us :)
  15. Trixi

    Life Enrichment Bootcamp

    Yes, another idiotic post LOL My husband and I are going to this for the rest of the week....We are taking a very young couple who are trying to get their child back from CPS. They don't have enough money for gas - that's totally Okay and understandable. My brother and SIL sponsored them...
  16. Trixi

    How to get your hair cut

    I have wildly, curly hair. I was thinking about getting it cut but I thought I would look like a poodle :) My other requirement is that I always put it up in a pony tail. So, would I look like a poodle if I can still have it long enough for my pony tail?
  17. Trixi

    Restaurants in Beaumont TX

    That's exactly what I thought when it happened and I quit seafood for a year. Like your sis, it one of my staple foods and my fav food and I tried it again and nothing happened. I think its a seasoning that Papaduexx uses. I can't figure out the seasoning, but I also got sick when I ate at...
  18. Trixi

    stray cat

    Truly Teep, truly?! LOL...a 9-iron...I will take the kitty if you can meet me east of McKinney
  19. Trixi

    How do you say this?

    Yes, I totally understand, but once a word become common day language it loses its patent...Dixie cups, etc...
  20. Trixi

    Restaurants in Beaumont TX

    At other places (Houston) I always order crab claws. I ordered them at Pappadeux's and my face swelled so much that I looked like a chimpmunck. I won't eat at any Pappa's restaurant anymore :)