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  1. Spaniard

    Good Lord!

    What is up with all the spam? Pages and pages and pagers... :spam:
  2. Spaniard

    Up to an additional $1,000,000 for the dog park?

    From the Frisco Blog: Thoughts? How much was the original investment from the city?
  3. Spaniard

    Baby back ribs

    Wife decided we are having people over tomorrow. I have a new smoker and want to smoke some ribs. But short notice. Where can I pick up some baby back ribs tomorrow morning? Matador doesn't open until 11...
  4. Spaniard

    Green Line to the Cotton Bowl?

    Going to see Real Madrid tomorrow night with the 7 year old. Looks like I can take the Green Line from the Frankford station to the MLK Station. I'm not a big fan of driving down to the fair and trying to park. Is it fairly simple (since I've never taken the DART train before)? More...
  5. Spaniard

    Wow! (Rain)

    Go rain go! HEre on the west side. Hope it's pouring like this over Lavon...
  6. Spaniard

    2 Cotton Bowl Tickets. Oklahoma State vs. Missouri. $300

    2014 AT&T Cotton Bowl Oklahoma State vs. Missouri. Friday 1/3/2014 7 PM Upper Center End Zone. Section 457, Row 2, Seats 1&2. I paid $309 and I'll let them go for $300 for the pair. Please PM me for more details.
  7. Spaniard

    Air Bag Warning Sticker on Sun Visor

    So, I know this is the most 1st world problem ever. And I feel slightly ridiculous for asking. But, I just bought a new vehicle. And these things drive me crazy. I know these are not just regular stickers. Any idea on how to remove these? Or someone who can remove these without damaging...
  8. Spaniard

    I need a door guy.

    I have 3 problem doors. Do to major settling, I have 3 doors that do not function correctly. I don't know if they need to be adjusted, new hinges, rehung, or new ones ordered. Can you recommend a good door person or company? I had a guy but, yet another trades person who will not show up...
  9. Spaniard

    Who can replace my shutters?

    I need a guy to make and install new shutters (I have a guy to paint or stain). My builder shutters are crap and rotting. Had a guy but will not return my calls. I want either nice cedar or something engineered like LP or hardy. First hand experience would be much appreciated.
  10. Spaniard

    Tapatalk inserting ad threads?

    I keep getting a Royal Caribbean ad on Tapatalk. It's inserted as a thread. Is this FOL (I don't see it when using a browser) or Tapatalk? I'm assuming it's Tapatalk. Anyone else?
  11. Spaniard

    Wait, crickets can fly?

    Oh man. Take away my man card. Saw a cricket in the kitchen. Went to stomp it and the dang thing flew. Scared the crap out of me. I didn't quite scream, but I'm sure I didn't have a very manly reaction. The cricket in question did get smashed...
  12. Spaniard

    Mack Brown apologizes for 66-17 loss to OU next month Funny bit of satire. Some of the comments are greatness...
  13. Spaniard

    Time Warner Internet Down?

    Anyone else? I'm near Teel & Stonebrook area...
  14. Spaniard

    More Pool Questions (but not builders)

    Going to be contacting pool builders soon. I have questions around pools and construction. I'm reading trouble free pools and learning a lot. But I don't see advice and questions to ask for how the pool is constructed. I.e., Thickness of rebar, thickness of concrete, etc. What questions are...
  15. Spaniard

    Exide Bankrupt? Wonder how/if this will affect the local clean up? I smell a way for our tax dollars to get used on this for a second time...
  16. Spaniard

    Don't use these words and stay off of the DHS radar...

    Here is the list of words DHS scans for on Social Networking Sites. Or, we could have a contest to see how many of these can be...
  17. Spaniard

    Look out Mrs. Art!
  18. Spaniard

    Why can I not order a singe flavor of starburst anywhere?

    That is all. :gaah:
  19. Spaniard

    Wait 60 seconds before you report another post

    That's dumb. Enjoy your spam...
  20. Spaniard

    Photo Book With a Pocket Page?

    Went to the zoo with the kiddo. Want to make a photo book. But does anyone offer a photo book with a pocket page? Want to make a book on something like shutterfly but also want to put my ticket stubs, and zoo map, etc in the book as well? Does this exist?