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  1. FCS Wes

    Shoplifting husky caught

  2. FCS Wes

    Sprint iPhone 4S

    White iPhone 4S 16GB on Sprint, looks brand new, no scratches. $200.00 Edit, Phone is not upgraded to the crap IOS7
  3. FCS Wes

    Cop rescues hurt dog after car crash

  4. FCS Wes

    Apples Suing Days are numbered

    Finally, Obama does something meaningful. Apple beware.
  5. FCS Wes

    NTSB wants to lower DD threshold

    NTSB wants to lower to .05
  6. FCS Wes

    Patio Table & Chairs

  7. FCS Wes

    Exxon Pipeline Breaks in Ar

    Damn <-- Video
  8. FCS Wes

    1 Million Moms outraged.. Again

    These people are insane, "this ad promotes bestiality" ;guess that depends on where your mind is because that would be the last thing I'd think of. GEICO Pig on a Date Angers One Million Moms
  9. FCS Wes

    For the Car Guys

    John Hennessy set a new Texas Mile record Friday @ 263.3 mph in the standing mile. That's 0-263 mph in 5280 feet!
  10. FCS Wes

    TV Station's News Alert System Hacked, Broadcasts ZOMBIE Warning :lol:
  11. FCS Wes

    Super Bowl XLVII Commercials

    I'm buying me an Audi, Mercedes and a goat :lol:
  12. FCS Wes

    Coyote Warning

    Saw a 45-55lb coyote on the College Parkway Trail this morning, be careful. It was about 1/4 up the trail from College Parkway, about 200yds from the highschool. Jayhawk, watch out when you're walking your dog this coyote was as big as my Husky.
  13. FCS Wes

    Earthquake tonight?

    Around 11:05 - 11:10?
  14. FCS Wes

    Men rejoice, our day has come!

  15. FCS Wes

    I was fired for being too hot

    B***H please; you look like a blowup doll and of course the female version of Al Sharpton Gloria Allred was there. New York Lady Lauren Odes Fired for Being too Hot
  16. FCS Wes

    Kelly Thomas Beating

    Old case but new video has just been released in lieu of the trial. 6 (six) Fullerton Ca. cops beat homeless schizophrenic man unmercifully for 13+ minutes; 6 trained cops. After being transported to the hospital he went into a comma then later died. At minute 25:01 cop "I ran out of options so...
  17. FCS Wes

    Austin PD kills dog in front of owner

    Warning, if you love your pets this is going to upset you. Austin PD went to the wrong address then shot the owners dog in front of the owner then yells at him "why didn't you get your dog when I told you to?' Notice how when his supervisor arrives, his story is that he went door to door...
  18. FCS Wes

    Kidney for an iPhone?

    iPhone people are unbelievable. 5 charged in Chinese kidney scheme, state media says
  19. FCS Wes

    Clark the Dog

  20. FCS Wes

    Bad Bad Parents

    After refereeing a backyard fistfight lost by his son, a hulking Florida father pounded the teen-age winner to the ground in a vicious beatdown, authorities said. The 6-foot-5, 220-pound Gary Leroy Johnson was captured on videotape delivering a half-dozen punches to the skinny victor's face...