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    JFK LHA transfer

    Found some flights to London that are are $400 cheaper connecting in NYC, but with an airport transfer. Buying two separate tickets For those who have done transfer between both airpots, is there subway or is road only option Any tips, like don't do it Oops Title should be JFK LGA transfer
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    Toll Tag

    Anyone know if you can get a temporary toll tag. We are renting a car for 10 days and would rather not pay car rental toll fees
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    Samsung S6 and samsung pay

    Anyone been able to add your citi mc or amex to the app? Not having success and want the wireless charger for free
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    Aces on Dallas Parkway

    Wifey says it is closed. Any thoughts?
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    Straight back into fostering on our return and we are having our first experience with a heatworm positive dog He had the treatment yesterday and is in a lot of pain, its heartbreaking listening too him So we can not give him above recommended pain medication We do have him separated...
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    Health cover question

    With only three months left of the year, does it make sense to take the high deductible or the non high deductible
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    Frisco gone construction mad

    Apart from seeing three new schools. . What is that huge construction on west side of DNT..north of 121..looks like it could be a football stadium?
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    Health Insurance, unusual question

    Is it possible to get temporary US medical insurance, from a US provider We are visiting to move our stuff back into home prior to our actual return Its impossible to purchase insurance in Canada due to Canada regulations
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    Lets make it a happy friday

    What will or has made this a happy friday for you apart from obvious National Tequila Day Gave our 60 day notice today on Canada rental home. ...its so close now...will miss all the 100f's
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    Best $15 dollars I have spent in ages

    Actually 10pounds, not sure exact US pricing Was at friends house and he said Have you got a google Within 5 mins had purchased three and gave one for nephew birthday, who had not heard of it. Best uncle ever within minutes! When back in US upgrading to latest cell so I can...
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    North Carolina

    My first visit, albeit at airport Either airport management have it right and or NC people are like this Such nice people Right off to London for wedding..
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    I call Christmas fitst

    They are out in mall where we live Crazy!
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    If anyone travelling to London Wednesday night. ..

    PSA Tube service out 24hrs from around 6pm UK time Wednesday. Madness at Heathrow Thursday morning for transport Srike on due to new 24hr weekend service The drivers were offered increase in pay and $3, 000 bonus for the night workers, rejected as that would be devisive for those not working...
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    For all you animal lovers

    We are off on a road trip Sunday for a day of working with Esther the pig. Wife is sooooooo excited The fact that Esther tweeted my wife has made her day.
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    Fox channel and Picasso

    Funniest thing I have seen this week. The censorship of the painting, just in case it upset someone I won't post a link, you will find it on YouTube Happy weekend to all, I'm off to pick up a copy of the Sun
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    Pranking Reporters

    Okay, must have my head in a hole, but only this week have i heard or shouting vulgar comments at reporters Being going on a couple of years Its come to a head in Toronto with people being fired from their day jobs and possibility of it becoming a criminal offence Its idiots being...
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    DIY, how not to do it

    Okay, so we are in very Far East Asain area of Toronto and for those who remember Office Diversity day and Asian drivers (fact they are bad as rates are $$$$ more ), check out building skills. They may have $ millions..but
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    Funny Monday to brighten up the day

    Such a funny start to a Monday Had to go to bank..... Question to me this morning... Would you like to contribute to the banks' Environmental Foundtion My Reply No thanks, the ten pieces of paper you have printed is good enough for me Response from bank Dont worry, they dont all...
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    Fingers Crossed day

    Last year 1 in 3 chance of getting our work visa to remain in Texas This year 1 in 4 change of returning on H1 233,000 applications for 65,000 visas Computer lottery was done today, so fingers crossed
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    Would definitely like to see a movie based on last weeks heist

    Unless you are affected personally, most people say well done and great planning Huge London Robbery over long Easter Weekend ( 4 day holiday ) Love that alarm went off and police did nothing