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  1. Drivin'tooFast

    Nice to see the collapse of the forums has not stopped the TROLLS

    I suggest everyone just forget the forums completely.
  2. Drivin'tooFast

    N. Austin gets new Apple HQ site with up to 15K jobs

    Big win for Austin and UT Austin.
  3. Drivin'tooFast

    Kiddo does first standup comedy set

    And Dad is a big part of it. Proud, but concerned.
  4. Drivin'tooFast

    You have made my mom very mad because WE SUCK!

    "Dear Mr. Jones," the letter begins. "My name is Rylan Wood. I am a 7-year-old 2nd grade student in Mansfield, Texas. My family has been Dallas Cowboys fans since the team was started. I have a lot of Cowboy gear and I have met ‘Zeke, Taco, Jason Witten and two other players who play on other...
  5. Drivin'tooFast

    Cowboys so bad the National Press is feeling sorry for them

    Have the Cowboys become America's Pity Team?? Well they can always reload next year in the draft... Oh wait, they gave that away too. Does Jerry have CTE??
  6. Drivin'tooFast

    World Series Predictions??

    Will Ultra Blue Dodgers beat out ultra liberal Red Sox?? Looks like the GOP was left out of the Series.
  7. Drivin'tooFast

    USA Today ranked best communities to live in - Frisco nor any N. Texas community listed

    This is not so much as a slight to Plano, Allen, McKinney or Frisco - but more over to be cautious about drinking the KoolAid from any of the weighted rankings articles. Do you live in an ideal community? America’s 50 best cities to live PS Los Alamos NM was listed as #35
  8. Drivin'tooFast

    Thursday Night football

    Not usually a fan of the matchups nor the level of play but OMG!!! what a great game last night unless you are a defensive coordinator. You had two Brady-like performance from a couple of young QBs. My take away from that game is that the Cowboys have a LONG way to go.
  9. Drivin'tooFast

    How 'bout them Cowboys

    The Star practice facility is really paying off for the team.:giggle::giggle::giggle: Not sure whose fault the degradation of the Cowboys is, but GD they need a house cleaning.
  10. Drivin'tooFast

    The odometer has clicked over 50 and the power in the engine is gone...

    OK, this is not a car question. I'm over 50 and I seemed to have taken about a 20 year hiatus from exercising. Well I've started back up and holy crapola, my lungs and muscles seem unable to bounce back from working out. I'm not sure if it age or the altitude (I'm at 7400 feet above sea...
  11. Drivin'tooFast

    Niel Simon dead at 91

    As my wife says - "Ahhhh, I love his songs"
  12. Drivin'tooFast

    Star Wars - Solo Story

    Have not seen it yet - any reviews?
  13. Drivin'tooFast

    United airlines - unable to read english

    My kid was involuntarily bumped off a United flight today. Next flight out - the next day. After reading the gate agent the Department of transportation's passenger bill of rights, the gate agent kept coming up with bogus excuses why the BoR didn't apply. First it was that it was a weight...
  14. Drivin'tooFast

    9th Circle of Hell - Allen HS graduation

    This Saturday as Allen Eagle Stadium - 1700 in graduating class, 104 degrees predicted outdoors on an astroturf field that will literally melt the soles of your shoes. Almost makes me want to go back to FISD, except for one thing - the kiddo graduates from Allen ISD with enough duel credit...
  15. Drivin'tooFast

    Cali MANDATES solar panel installations on all new home construction

    I'm not really sure we need to MANDATE solar panel installations. Especially if your home will not receive enough sunlight to make it worth while.
  16. Drivin'tooFast

    Jason Witten joining Monday night Football

    Good move for both Network and Jason. Anymore Cowboys headed to the Broadcast booth??
  17. Drivin'tooFast

    Nothing funnier than watching old people ask questions about Facebook

    I've seldom seen people so unqualified to ask technical questions be on such a public stage asking technical questions. I wish these senators would defer to the millennial in their staff.
  18. Drivin'tooFast

    Wanna go to Mars?? Better charge your phone ahead of time.

    Just a little taste of what we are working on....
  19. Drivin'tooFast

    Austin Bombings

    Just plain crazy. I hope they stop this dude soon.