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  1. Texas Dream Cruise

    Gun thefts from cars here locally?

    I'm helping a friend with a local research project: Statistically, there's been a dramatic increase in gun thefts across the nation - has anyone here locally had a firearm stolen out of their car? (And if you don't want to comment in this thread - feel free to instead PM me on FOL or text...
  2. Texas Dream Cruise

    Lost dog Tonight - Market Street shopping center Frisco

    Updated: Dog was found this morning. Thanks for everyone's help! Lost Dog - tonight at 7:30 pm in the parking lot at Market Street in Frisco. Black and Tan mini Pinscher. Very missed by a senior citizen who is very upset. He has a blue harness on. His name is Sparky. He's very friendly...
  3. Texas Dream Cruise

    Last chance to vote for Bill Woodard Saturday 6/18

    Vote tomorrow - Saturday, June 18th 7am to 7pm Bill Woodard for City Council place 4 (municipal runoff elections) It's a close race - so every vote counts at this point. It will only take you 5 minutes. You don't need your voter's registration card. Just bring your driver's license. A...
  4. Texas Dream Cruise

    Frisco Memorial Day ceremony Monday 9 AM

    Michael Luke Boatright, Peter J. Courcy and 8 other young men who lived in Frisco - but were killed in action (KIA) during various wars will be honored tomorrow (Monday, May 30th) at Frisco's Memorial Day ceremony. Event starts at 9 AM at the Veterans Memorial (just north of grand pavilion)...
  5. Texas Dream Cruise

    Vote AGAINST the alcohol proposition on the ballot this Saurday

    Election Day this Saturday, May 7th, 7am-7pm We urge you to get out Saturday and vote AGAINST the alcohol proposition. We are not anti-alcohol or anti-bars, but we're "pro local control" over "state level control" when planning and developing Frisco. We have researched this issue...
  6. Texas Dream Cruise

    11th hour request - I need more donations for Bill Woodard's city council campaign

    Bill Woodard is the best candidate for City Council in years. Seriously - no exaggeration. Many of you know him from his over a decade of helpful insight on Frisco-Online. A selfless volunteer leader who understands the city so well, Bill will hit the road running. No learning curve...
  7. Texas Dream Cruise

    I need a wedding florist. Any recs?

    We're looking for a florist in Frisco or the surrounding towns for a spring wedding and reception. (Flowers at the church and reception hall - including table centerpieces - plus bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding party.) Any recommendations?
  8. Texas Dream Cruise

    Need help to provide several needy families with a good Christmas

    Last year, a group of us (mostly from FOL) "adopted" a needy family for Christmas. We collectively bought clothes and gifts for each member of a local family. We also brought food and household supplies - and a few Walmart gift cards so that the family could buy additional food. Here below...
  9. Texas Dream Cruise

    Typical DFW area suburbanites

    My first thought watching the video, these ladies must be from Frisco! Come on, admit it - you were thinking it too. I don't know if they're from Frisco - and I'm not trying to be rude, but this is how the DFW area views us. Spend any time on some of the various DFW area online forums and...
  10. Texas Dream Cruise

    Laser hair removal?

    Helping out a friend - she wants to try out someone more affordable than Jody with Lifetime Laser. Any alternatives in the Frisco area?
  11. Texas Dream Cruise

    Cop Warning Signs the Movie - Part Deux

    Brett Sanders and Ron Martin twin brothers separated at birth?
  12. Texas Dream Cruise

    Restaurants open Christmas Day?

    We have both sides of our family doing formal Christmas meals early this year due to folks' travel schedules. One is this Saturday and the other is Monday (at our home.). So I'm not ready to do a third home cooked meal on 12/25. But we have some straggling out-of-town relatives stopping by that...
  13. Texas Dream Cruise

    Shopping for a 17 year-old needy child - a question

    I'm helping Frisco Reachout with filling the needs of several local needy families this year - so that they can have a great Christmas. One of the boys I'm shopping for (17 years-old) has headphones listed on his wish list. I've already bought him critically needed school clothes and shoes -...
  14. Texas Dream Cruise

    City Council approves 2 AM alcohol ordinance

    As expected - details to follow. Unanimous vote.
  15. Texas Dream Cruise

    Turkey Pardon this Sunday at the Heritage Center

    Mayor Maso will pardon a live turkey this Sunday (16th) at the Heritage Center's Third Sunday Open House. Should be a blast! The event is from 1-4 PM, but the pardoning will be at 2 PM. All activities will be in the Depot replica building (behind Babe's). The Dallas Morning News will be there...
  16. Texas Dream Cruise

    Texas Longhorns/Oklahoma State Cowboys football tickets for sale - November 15th Stillwater, OK

    OSU Cowboys vs. UT Longhorns Stillwater, OK Boone Pickens Stadium 11/15/14 Section 213, Row 4, Seats 13-14 Great view, I sit in this section often. Change of family plans. I paid $276 for the pair with fees. Sell for $175 cash firm (total for the pair) - I have tickets in hand - meet...
  17. Texas Dream Cruise

    Looking for a men's haircut place - Frisco area if possible

    I'm parting ways with my current men's hair salon - which was fairly expensive, the haircuts have been hit and miss in their quality, huge staff turnover (I'm on my 12th stylist or so in 5 years) and now the accounting has not been accurate. Would rather not mention them by name - because I...
  18. Texas Dream Cruise

    Join Teach and me this Saturday for the Great Pumpkin Explosion

    THE GREAT PUMPKIN EXPLOSION! Saturday, November 1st 11 AM to noon at Frisco Square FREE charity event - fun (and educational) for both kids and adults In the grassy field next door to Espiritu - 6142 Frisco Square Blvd. (Park near city hall or in the large east Frisco Square parking...
  19. Texas Dream Cruise

    Sleep apnea doctor - and/or sleep clinic

    Any recs? I haven't been to one in 15 years - but I want to get one of those sleep tests done where they wire you up and monitor your vitals overnight.
  20. Texas Dream Cruise

    Texans and cool weather

    I saw my first sighting of the Fall season (just now) of someone wearing a zipped up jacket, stocking cap and a thick scarf around their neck. No wonder my friends from up north make fun of us Texans.