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  1. lesscrazy

    Buffett concert mess

    I walked the dog around Toyota stadium this morning. Holy crap what a mess. The sidewalks around the stadium are littered with cheap plastic leis and other Tiki type crap. Fast food trash and beer bottles and cans are all over the place. Most of the campers were nice enough to leave their trash...
  2. lesscrazy

    The Satanic Temple’s Seven Tenets Are Far More Ethical Than the Ten Commandments
  3. lesscrazy

    2016 Presidential election

    The results of the 2016 Presidential election, whatever they are, can we interpret the results as God's will?
  4. lesscrazy

    *&@#&$! mosquitoes!

    I can't spend any length of time in my garage or backyard without getting eaten alive. I know the city has sprayed around here several times but we still have a bad mosquito problem. I know I don't have any standing water and I am sure my neighbors don't. The only thing I can think of is my...
  5. lesscrazy

    Buying Ranger tickets

    What is the best source for Ranger tickets or which service gouges the least? Family coming to town want to see Boston take a beating.
  6. lesscrazy

    Chocolate crosses

    Do chocolate Easter crosses and Chocolate fish with JESUS molded into it seem a little blasphemous? I know you can...
  7. lesscrazy

    Since it has been a while since there was a new post.

    This is a pretty funny representation of God. It's sorta how I see the Christian God. Fallible, vengeful, doesn't seem to think things through all the time but could be an okay guy if he worked through some issues. Your image of God might be a little different. The site...
  8. lesscrazy

    I need a fruitcake.

    I'd like a good one, not one from a grocery store. Is there a place nearby to buy one or do I have to drive to Greenville or Corsicana?
  9. lesscrazy

    Why you don't bring up religion at a party. Speaking in tongues at 1:46 is one of the best parts.
  10. lesscrazy

    We need this on our tollways.

    This might stop a few drunks from entering the tollways from the wrong direction.
  11. lesscrazy

    CPAP masks

    I have to buy a new CPAP mask. Where is the best place to buy one locally? I'm not having much luck finding a comfortable one on-line and the one I liked has been discontinued. If I don't do something about my snoring, my wife says I might not make it to Christmas.
  12. lesscrazy

    I know the Bible. I thought I would do better.
  13. lesscrazy

    So many questions

    Best place for a new office chair and getting a gun re-blued. I need a quality chair for an old back. The gun has rust and a few pock marks. Also, what are they going to build on the spot where the jogging trail was, behind the rec center.
  14. lesscrazy

    Good food delivered to your door.

    Do you have a restaurant that delivers that you like? We don't want pizza or Chinese and I do not want to step outside. - - - Updated - - - Something that pairs well with Joseph Phelps Freestone Pinot Noir would be a plus.
  15. lesscrazy

    Thank you ghetto Kroger!

    I reluctantly went to the Kroger on Preston for Bratwurst and beer. I found the Brats, I grabbed some Sierra Nevada Torpedo and a brand new dress for the wife. Yeah, right there in the Kroger you can pick up a slinky dress for your spouse. It was like, $11.00. Totally worth it. My wife...
  16. lesscrazy

    You don't have to be a church to be a church.

    No need for a steeple or pews or even a congregation: This is why religious institutions need to be treated the same as...
  17. lesscrazy

    Can TIME Predict Your Politics?

    Here is a silly little 12 question quiz that guesses your politics. Maybe or maybe not. Not enough middle ground to a few of the questions. Fairly accurate according to my...
  18. lesscrazy

    It's going to be a long night for Centennial.

    Four possessions and four TDs for South Oak Cliff.
  19. lesscrazy

    You know what really grinds my gears?

    I've seen this several times recently. Teenage boys sitting in the passenger seat while their girlfriends ( or maybe sisters) pump gas. I know women are perfectly capable of pumping gas but it just seems like guy's job, like holding a door. My wife hasn't pumped gas more than a dozen times...
  20. lesscrazy

    Another Thomas Table

    This Thomas Table is available again: The other buyer never showed. I would consider donating it to a non-profit.