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  1. perseco

    Charter Spectrum/Time Warner customers will lose Fox Sports Southwest soon Bye bye to most Rangers games. :(
  2. perseco

    Don't want to give up your airline seat voluntarily? No problem, we'll just have the police beat you and drag you off the plane. The aftermath: That guy is going to get so much money from that lawsuit. There is nothing that can justify what they did to him over something so stupid.
  3. perseco

    Brian Loncar found dead, 2 days after daughter's funeral RIP Strong Arm.
  4. perseco

    Looks like the milk industry is having problems...

    LOL... yeah, let's drink a giant glass of you-can't-properly-digest-this with every meal!
  5. perseco

    America could learn a few things from Japan...

    They fixed a massive sinkhole inside of a week. With the current state of America, it would take us months to fix something like that.
  6. perseco

    FOL needs new admins/moderators

    There have been spam posts on multiple forums for days, despite being reported. This isn't the first time, either. The lack of action on this is only feeding the notion that this community is deteriorating/neglected.
  7. perseco

    Review: Mi Dia From Scratch

    Got the opportunity to check out a relatively new (opened ~February) Tex-Mex/Santa Fe restaurant and I was blown away, so here's my review. First off, this place is not in Frisco, unfortunately, but it is close enough--West Plano along DNT, between Cinemark West Plano and Parker Rd. They do...
  8. perseco

    Sean Rowe

    Anyone heard of this guy? This song reminds me a bit of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, but with a deeper voice. Lyrics: I cannot say that I know you well But you can't lie to me with all these books that you sell I'm not trying to follow you to the end of the world I'm just trying to leave...
  9. perseco

    Lost another good one today...

    Today we lost a legend to complications from Alzheimer's. RIP Gene Wilder, you will be missed.
  10. perseco

    Something else America could learn from Sweden

    These would be quite useful for school zones...
  11. perseco

    Rangers acquire Carlos Beltran
  12. perseco

    Zika's here... Only a matter of time...
  13. perseco

    Stranger Things

    Has anyone here started watching this show on Netflix called Stranger Things? It's kind of like X-Files meets True Detective from the perspective of normal civilians instead of government agents. Lots of 80's nostalgia with familiar themes from old shows and movies, and plenty of drama...
  14. perseco

    Rockin' 1000

    Remember when 1000 musicians got together and played Learn To Fly in order to get the Foo Fighters to come perform in Italy? Well now they have performed a concert of their own, covering a number of hit songs from other artists. The Verve -...
  15. perseco

    David Bald Eagle, dead at 97
  16. perseco

    Movie Recommendation: Eye in the Sky

    I didn't get a chance to catch this one in theaters, but Eye in the Sky has turned out to be one of the best movies I've seen this year. The majority of the plot centers around the irreconcilable moral decisions that must be made in the drone strike approval process, as well as how the people on...
  17. perseco

    District of Columbia :facepalm:
  18. perseco


    How can people be this cruel for no reason?
  19. perseco

    Severe Weather Outbreak Tomorrow (26th)

    Just a reminder to keep an eye on the weather tomorrow. Be prepared and know where to take shelter in case of large hail or tornadoes.
  20. perseco

    Rangers 2016

    Who's ready for Opening Day? Here's a 10-year throwback from 2006 to get the hype train moving: