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    Soufire Pizza is History

    We really enjoyed Soulfire. The concept allowed everyone to get what they wanted and the price was reasonable.
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    Have you ever converted anyone?

    In Judaism we do not proselytize. In fact, when someone is in the process of converting to Judaism, the Rabbi is required to try to talk them out of it 3 times.
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    We used Trash Junky. I think it was a little cheaper and there was a coupon in one of the coupon magazines we got in the mail.
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    WooHoo!! It took five days to sell my house!!!

    It's a seller's market. Our house was listed last Friday. We had multiple offers by midday Saturday and we are getting our asking price. My mom's house in the same neighborhood also sold within 2 days. DSK
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    Hay Fever

    I've always had bad allergies. I now take a mixture of zyrtec, nasonex (nasal spray) and Symbicort (inhaler). I've never done better. If you've never seen an allergist, or not recently, then i strongly recommend it. I see Dr. Blomquist at AirCare in Plano. They did allergy testing and then...
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    Major Housecleaning

    We are moving to a new home and want to send in a crew to do a major, top-to-bottom, inside and outside everything, cleaning before we move anything in. We feel this isn't a job for our regular bi-weekly housekeeper. It seems that there may be companies that specialize in this type of job (I...
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    Carpet cleaners

    Has anyone used ZeroRez? I have them scheduled to come do the carpets and ducts in our new house immediately after closing. A friend in N. Dallas raved about them. Wondering if anyone up here has good or bad experiences. (Also, since we need to get movers and/or other workmen into the house...
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    Anyone Putting House on Market

    We'll be putting our Hillcrest Estates home on the market in early-mid March. Not the area you are looking for though... 2 story 2600 sq ft Corner lot
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    Men in suits

    Which school?
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    Frisco Police Arrest Juvenile For Threat

    Dropped my daughter off at Centennial this morning. Things look pretty they should. A couple of extra police cars parked in back and 1 parked up front. I'm glad to see that this is being handled appropriately by the school and local police but not being blown out of proportion...
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    Frisco Police Arrest Juvenile For Threat

    My daughter is a sophomore at Centennial. I appreciate the info we are getting from the school. I am not concerned about sending her to school Thursday and Friday. She is not worried either.
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    Flute teacher needed for Private Lessons

    Great flute teacher Hey, I sent you a private message with the email address of our teacher. I'm not comfortable posting her contact info publicly without her permission. My 5th grade daughter really likes her. She's a great flutist and a great teacher. DSK
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    Old Warsaw...

    $100 is probably enough. $120 will probably cover tip too.
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    Frisco Football League Needs Immediate Change!

    My response was snarky and self-righteous. I felt better after writing it and then decided I was better off deleting it.
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    Lucky 99 Chinese restraunt

    Um.... In the words of Seth Meyers on SNL, "Really?" DSK
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    Wii Lego LOTR

    I GOT IT! I got my Wii Lego LOTR today at Target. Already played a couple of levels and it looks great. I like the original voices in this one.
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    Wii Lego LOTR

    Did anyone find a copy of it today? I went to 5 stores and nobody seems to have gotten it yet. Thanks, DSK
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    Services for Nelson

    In Hebrew we say "Zichrona Livracha" – may his memory be a blessing.
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    This Sunday

    LOTR??? Did you find it??? I went to 5 stores this morning and nobody had Lego Lord of the Rings for the Wii! DSK