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  1. nicker

    Authentication Required

    I have had a pop up box on FOL recently asking for user name and password while browsing. My cynical self refuses to comply. Any idea FOL admin? Anyone else?
  2. nicker

    Good Pizza Crust Found

    The bartender who used to be at Josephines in Frisco Square is now at Eddie Napoli's on Teel just south of Main in Frisco. He's a good guy we've followed from place to place. So we followed him over there this past weekend. I had a pizza and it's exactly the crust I've been looking for...
  3. nicker

    Brickyard 400 Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Named After Little Elm Soldier

    This year's NASCAR race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is named "Crown Royal Presents the John Wayne Walding 400". The announcement was made at the CMT Music Awards last night. John Wayne Walding lives in Little Elm with his wife Amy and their four kids. He's a decorated Army veteran who...
  4. nicker

    Did You Smell That?

    I was at Kroger at Main and Teel today and there was some serious funk in the air. It was like a West Texas cattle yard. DH thought it was a rotting load of fish. But good allmighty it smelled bad in that entire shopping center. (The store was fine, but outside...yak)
  5. nicker

    Made in North Texas

    People travelling through the International terminal at DFW through Memorial Day have a chance to win a free Pepsi by showing off their soccer skills. An interactive machine that uses Microsoft Kinect techology will vend a free Pepsi drink if you can keep a soccer ball in the air for 30...
  6. nicker

    Notary Public Rules

    My employer has a new "employee handbook" and has a few sections they want signed and then notarized. Problem is, we don't have a notary public in our building nor do they want to reimburse us for going elsewhere to have this paperwork notarized. Today's bright idea from corporate is to...
  7. nicker

    Bicyclist hit by an uninsured texter: lawyer time

    It's a bicycle rider's worst nightmare. Getting hit by an uninsured motorist who was texting. (He admitted it.) This happened to a co-worker of mine last week. She's an experienced rider and triathlete, even wears a camera because of the actions of those on the road with her. It's...
  8. nicker

    EpiPens---Not As Great As You Might Think

    I've managed to survive 50 years on this earth with a severe peanut allergy but I didn't carry an EpiPen until about 8 years ago. I survived elementary, junior high, high school, college with only one emergency room visit. The only thing that stood between peanuts and me and death was a good...
  9. nicker

    A Taste of Tulsa?

    So I work with a bunch of OSU alumni and they've been burning up the Tollway to eat at a place called The Coney Shop. They're over by Blue Goose at Main and the Tollway. They say it's the real deal, with Cinncinati style chili...whatever that is. Been there yet?
  10. nicker

    The St. Francis of Assisi Parking Lot

    I wonder if it's going to start to look a whole lot different now that Pope Francis is encouraging his flock to stop splurging on high end vehicles and pay more attention to the hungry...
  11. nicker

    Would this make you mad?

    You make an appointment with a business you've never patronized before. You think you know where it is so you drive there well in advance of your appointment as is suggested by the business. But when you arrive there's no sign to show the business is there. So you get out your phone and look...
  12. nicker

    Estilo Gaucho

    Estilo Gaucho is the new Brazilian steakhouse at Stonebriar Mall. The building fronts 121 and has housed a bunch of stuff over the years but this time I think they've got a winner. Took my mom there for dinner last night and it was fantastic. It's a million times better than the now shuttered...
  13. nicker

    Memphis BBQ

    And I really mean Memphis. Taking a road trip next month and we'll get to spend a little time in Memphis and we're stopping for BBQ. you have a place you'd recommend? Bonus points for locations not far from the interstate since we're driving from here to Nashville and then on to...
  14. nicker

    Car Dealers: Good, Bad or the Ugly

    So we have to get a new car. We've got a short list of vehicles to consider, but it's the choice of dealerships that I don't have a good read on yet. (Think cars under 30k...) Do you have one you love? Know of one so bad you wouldn't send your worst enemy there? Thanks. :)
  15. nicker

    Dissapointment at Dr. Pepper Arena

    I've lived in Frisco since 2001 so I know first hand how hard people in this city have worked to make it grow and the desire to become one of the "destination" cities in the DFW area. Undoubtedly that's played into the utter disapointment I feel towards the Dr. Pepper Arena after the...
  16. nicker

    North Dallas Doors-Tommy found!

    Editing my message so as to not leave a thread that may turn off a potential customer. Tommy is a good guy. He did call. My mom's out of state cell phone voicemail is fubar. Not Tommy. She'll get her opener tomorrow! I was mostly worried he'd been hurt or had some tragedy befall him resulting...
  17. nicker

    Happy Groundhog Day!

    Thought I'd stick my head up out of my lurker hole and look around.... How ya'all doin?