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  1. Tooleman

    Payroll accounting question

    I am trying to figure this out, and was hoping someone on here has some payroll accounting experience and might know the answer.. At the beginning of the year I took on a second job working part time, its straight 1099 hourly pay.. But paid semi-monthly.. Looking at my checks going back to the...
  2. Tooleman

    Collin county cad

    Numbers are out now.. Screwed again this year.. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  3. Tooleman

    Anyone get snow

    I was coming home from lunch and got caught in a pretty big downfall of snow, it started sticking to the grassy areas fast.. But now it is back to rain..
  4. Tooleman

    Mac Help

    So I need some help picking a new Mac Laptop.. I know what your thinking Tooleman asking computer help?? what the heck?? LOL.. But here it is.. So right now I have a 2011 Macbook Pro 15in that is pretty much done.. It is time to replace it.. So I was just going to go get another Macbook...
  5. Tooleman

    Teacher lead prayer at school

    What are your thoughts on the issue in Prosper about the Principal leading prayers at school.. According to the news report they are planning on setting up a regular prayer group.. Im hearing...
  6. Tooleman

    Poor Kid This is really really bad..
  7. Tooleman

    One of the negatives of being a free range parent

    So I would let my kids play video games till they were blue in the face if they wanted.. But for some strange reason they would rather play outside.. So a neighborhood kid comes over, asks my Son if he can play and they run upstairs to the gameroom.. A few minutes later, my Son comes down...
  8. Tooleman

    cholesterol levels part 2

    A couple a months ago my Wife got her levels checked and they were amazing even after us adopting a low carb high fat diet.. So today I got mine checked, after a year of eating low carbs and high fat and losing 25 lbs my results scared the crap out of me.. My HDL and LDL were amazingly...
  9. Tooleman

    cholesterol levels

    So for years they have been telling us to eat low fat diets to keep the cholesterol levels down.. Well I never bought into it, and now we are starting to hear that not eating foods in saturated fats might actually be bad.. Its all in the carbs they say.. So anyways, my family we go thru...
  10. Tooleman

    AC Question

    I have this weird problem in my house, im told it is normal but im not buying it.. I have a 2 story house, 2 AC units.. But upstairs in one of the bedrooms, I can hear a fan running and I can feel air coming out of the vent.. It is nonstop, air comes out even when the AC or Heater isnt...
  11. Tooleman

    What color is this

    Ok I think I'm losing my mind, what color is this dress.. I say blue and black, some agree with me but others say it's white and gold..
  12. Tooleman

    Hearing the ice is here

    Any local reports in the area.. it's still raining in Prosper..
  13. Tooleman

    RX costs OMG

    So my Wife went to the Doc, and got a prescription for some antibiotics.. We went down to pick them up and the cost was almost 100 bucks!! So we are like huh what?? 100 bucks for antibiotics, this is a sinus infection not cancer.. Lady pulled us aside and said to go to and...
  14. Tooleman

    Thoughts on snow next week

    Looks like we might get a winter next week.. Do you think it will happen..
  15. Tooleman

    Carfax shows accident

    Iv been looking around to buy a cheaper used car.. I found one that I like but the Carfax shows an accident.. Accident reported Involving rear impact with another motor vehicle Moderate rear end damage reported Vehicle drivable Sounds to me like a fender bender type of accident...
  16. Tooleman

    Amazon Fire users got a question, same for Kindle

    I notice that both on my Kindle and my Amazon fire stick, if I go into the parent controls and set a pin for all purchases and enable it.. On the fire stick it automatically turns it off, and on the Kindle it shows its enabled but lets you buy anything you want without a pin.. It has worked...
  17. Tooleman

    Car battery help

    On Saturday I was filling up the Minivan with gas, after I filled up the car wouldn't start.. Noticed it had a bit of trouble starting when I left home to go get gas.. Nice folks at Market Street jumped my car and I went home.. The next morning, the car started fine but I hooked it up to the...
  18. Tooleman

    Pending friend request

    I have a pending friend request, its been sitting there for about 2 years.. And nothing I do allows me to accept it..
  19. Tooleman

    Youth is wasted on the young

    Yesterday my Mom traded in her C6 Vett on a new 2015 C7 Stingray.. But because she hasn't driven her 2010 Vett for months the dealer had to come out and charge her battery.. I was like WHAT!!!! I wish had these problems..
  20. Tooleman

    PS4 discount at Target

    If you are thinking about a PS4 for Christmas, you can get 20 percent off at Target right now.. We saved 80 bucks..