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  1. JJFrisco

    Backyard Office

    We are buying a place on 1.5 acres. Rather than converting a bedroom into a study, I wanted to look at putting an office in the backyard somewhere to give me a bit of separation from the doorbell, dog barking, etc. There is a lot online about tiny houses, but I dont need a bathroom/kitchen...
  2. JJFrisco

    In home hospice questions

    We are checking out in-home hospice options for my father. I'm not really looking for recommendations on providers as he will not be in this immediate area, but rather what are the right things to look for and ask when selecting a provider? We will likely need a hospital type bed, so any...
  3. JJFrisco

    Anyone flown to LGA recently?

    I'm going to La Guardia next week and trying to find the best/quickest way to get to Times Square. I understand it is a mess right now. Has anyone been recently and have any tips? Here is what I've heard: - Only Yellow cabs are allowed to pickup at the terminal, with expected wait times 45...
  4. JJFrisco

    Happy Memorial Day

    Seriously though, thanks to all that served and hope that everyone takes a moment to remember those who have fallen.
  5. JJFrisco

    Happy Memorial Day

    Seriously though, thanks to all that served and hope that everyone takes a moment to remember those who have fallen.
  6. JJFrisco

    San Diego beach resort hotel with good pool

    Long story short, the wife and I will be in San Diego for work. We are staying 1 extra night on our dime and trying to find a good place to stay. We don't want to do anything other than relax at a nice pool, have someone bring us drinks, walk to the beach, etc for our one free day to relax...
  7. JJFrisco

    Used guitar places

    Does anyone know of a good place around here that sells used guitars? My son has shown an interest in guitars, and it would be fun to re-live my awkward middle school guitar playing days. I dont want to drop a ton of $ on anything and I would rather not just hit up random pawn shops.
  8. JJFrisco

    RoughRiders Tantrum

    Kinda funny, kinda sad.... He is good at his sliding into 2nd demo, but his attempt to punt the bag was pretty weak.
  9. JJFrisco

    MInivan Rental

    We are doing the cross country drive this summer to Orlando and looking to rent a minivan for about 10 days. In a quick search online its showing $800+ for a van. On a separate summer trip we are renting one from the San Francisco airport and its less than $300 for the week. I'm not...
  10. JJFrisco

    Replacement for Knockout Roses

    I ripped ours out because all in our neighborhood are getting the knockout rose disease, including mine. Now I need something else to plant there. Any ideas? I need it to be of medium height (taller than the indian hawthorne that is in front of them, but not taller than the crape myrtles...
  11. JJFrisco

    Hammacher Schlemmer - Awesome lifetime warranty

    In 2008, I bought a Roomba from Hammacher Schlemmer ( I bought it from them since the whole Roomba thing seemed pretty gadgety and I was pretty sure it would break quicker than a normal vacuum. They have an advertised lifetime warranty, so I figured what the heck. 8...
  12. JJFrisco

    RIP Merle Haggard

    Dangit, we lost a good one today. I am glad that I got to see him and Willie perform together many years ago.
  13. JJFrisco

    Texas Legends - Good time

    I just wanted to post about the Texas Legends. We had never been to a game and decided to go to the game last night. The kids had a blast, probably spending half the time watching the game and the other time walking around with all of the side attractions. The best part was after the game...
  14. JJFrisco

    Cheap HDTV Antenna

    Has anyone in the area had any luck with those cheap HDTV antennas in this area? I work from home a few days a week, and have dual monitors. One of those monitors is actually a LCD TV with an antenna input. I was wondering if I could just hook up one of those $20 HDTV antennas to it and get...
  15. JJFrisco

    Attacked her brother because he ate her ribs...

    This is an awesome story out of Austin. I highlighted my favorite part :butcher: Police in Texas Arrest a Woman Who Attacked Her Brother after he Ate her Barbecue...
  16. JJFrisco

    If you are flying American today

    Check your flight status before you leave for the airport. American had a computer issue and had to issue a ground stop for all US flights. They are back up and running, but delays will trickling through the system...
  17. JJFrisco

    Weird things on my tree

    As I was cutting the grass last night, I noticed these huge golf ball sized things on my red oak. They are very egg like in exterior appearance and are very light like a hollowed out egg. I bought some praying mantis last year and have noticed them around again this year, but their eggs that I...
  18. JJFrisco

    Apple Watch - $375

    Like new Apple Watch 42mm Silver Aluminum Case with Pink Sport Band Also comes with 1 year AppleCare that is transferable to buyer The watch was $399 + $50 for the AppleCare, asking $375 for both. This was a birthday gift for my wife. She opened it this week and decided she did not...
  19. JJFrisco

    Zero divided by Zero

    Ask Siri on your phone "Whats zero divided by zero". Fun little meaningless iPhone hack. I just with that I had cookies and friends.
  20. JJFrisco

    LED Bulbs that actually DIM

    I mean that dim themselves anywhere close to their earth killing illegal cousins known as normal old light bulbs. We have a media room with 6 wall sconces that are on a dimmer. I knew this day was coming so I made sure and install a dimmer that was compatible with CFLs and LEDs. They are...