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  1. Opus

    What is going in at southwest corner of Main/Tollway?

    I noticed they have started clearing this off. I assume they are getting ready to build something. Anyone know what is going in there? When I moved here in 2000 they showed a Sam's Club being built there. From what I can find out, the land was foreclosed on in 2007 and bought by a company...
  2. Opus

    Cutting board advice

    Well, with all the smoking/grilling people on here, thought I would see what you use for a cutting board. I'm finally going to buy a mobile kitchen cart to work at instead of doing my cutting on a tv tray. The top is granite so looking for a good chopping board. Looking for something around...
  3. Opus

    Review of Crab King

    Well, we haven't had a review on here in forever so thought I would do one for Crab King in Frisco. It is at the corner of Main and Teal. I had been wanting to try the place since I noticed it a couple of months ago. Was out that way Friday night so the wife and I decided to give it a try...
  4. Opus

    Why can't people here park in parking spaces

    We haven't had a good rant on here in a while. Why are there so many people here that feel like they don't have to follow the parking rules and park in the no parking zone at the front of the grocery stores just because it is cold outside and the rules don't apply to them. Was at Krogers...
  5. Opus

    Will fridge/freezer work in below freezing weather?

    We got a new fridge in December and my wife had them put our old side by side in the garage. I've noticed that when it gets really cold the freezer stops working. It did this a couple of weeks ago when it got real cold. I put a thermometer in the freezer a week ago and it has been reading...
  6. Opus

    HS Coach's salary article

    I already knew that some coaches made way too much money but was surprised at the average.
  7. Opus

    Insurance Company recommendation

    Just found out Allstate is raising my car insurance by $600 after claiming hail damage to my cars. That makes my insurance close to $3k/yr on 2 cars with no claims other than the current hail damage and maybe the one from a few years back if that is still listed on their report. No tickets...
  8. Opus

    Paintless car hail repair recommendations

    I know years ago I read several great reviews for a Frisco business that did the paintless dent repairs. A couple of people even said he was able to get out dents that many other places said couldn't be done. My car had $6500 worth of damage according to insurance. I tried to trade it in...
  9. Opus

    PSA: No handheld devices while driving in Little Elm

    Just learned about this a couple of weeks ago from a friend. Appears this was enacted about a year ago. You can be given a ticket for holding ANY handheld device while driving in Little Elm, this includes being stopped at a red light. You have to be off the road before you can use your...
  10. Opus

    Question for those with kids in rec soccer.

    Just wondering if there are teams in your league that are clearly select teams? My son plays on a PSA team and they are playing in the rec indoor league this summer and yesterday they played a team that was obviously a select team. It was a bloodbath. Their lowest level player was better...
  11. Opus

    Any chromebook experts here?

    Got an issue with my son's Dell chromebook. Let me start by saying it is a school issued chromebook he got last September. At some point he decided he wanted to try and install Linux on it and changed the bios. Now when it boots it just says nothing is found on the harddrive, don't remember the...
  12. Opus

    Interesting article on bowl games and includes FCS in Frisco

    Found this interesting. I never knew how much the schools lost having to play in some of these games.
  13. Opus

    New donation place in Little Elm/West Frisco

    In case you are on the west side of Frisco, Recycle 2 Support, opened a place on 423, just south of Eldorado. We have always taken our stuff to Goodwill but it had gotten frustrating because half the time you would get there and there wouldn't be anyone there. This place is open daily and my...
  14. Opus

    Hula Hut - Little Elm

    Hula Hut officially opens for business 9/14/15. They must have had a soft opening last week because I drove by there twice last week and it was packed.
  15. Opus

    Roofing company suggestions needed

    I'm trying to get my roof replaced from the hail storm last year. My issue is I need a company that can also do siding and hopefully outside painting and staining. I had a company come out in April that said they could do everything but they thought the insurance company wasn't paying what...
  16. Opus

    Wing Daddy's

    So, has anyone tried the new Wing Daddy's in Little Elm, they are in the Lowes shopping center. Was it any good? They have been packed the few times I've been by there. I figure I will give them a month or two and then try them. They have some interesting items on their menu. I don't like...
  17. Opus

    Truancy no longer a crminal act in Texas
  18. Opus

    Durkins Pizza

    Did I miss the thread about Durkins finally having a place in Frisco? I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned since it seems everything else restaurant wise gets posted. My son had a soccer game Saturday night at Fieldhouse and was surprised when I saw the sign next to Dickey's. He was...
  19. Opus

    Wing Daddys is opening soon

    Will be in Little Elm in the Lowes shopping center, where Los Chorros was located. I don't like wings but some of their other stuff looks good.
  20. Opus

    Siding company suggestions?

    Anyone recommend a company that will do siding replacement. I need to have the siding replaced on one side of my house and have no idea who to use. Thought Town and Country was going to be able to do it but he said they were no longer doing that kind of work, too busy with roofing.