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    Lost Dog in Grayhawk

    My mother had an accident this afternoon and our dog slipped out while we were trying to deal with that. He has a collar and tags - name is Gambit. He is very skittish and doesn't know the area. Mostly he is a tan color, black shepherd type marking on his back and white paws. One ear stands up...
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    Lost Dog in Grayhawk

    Dog/Puppy got out of the house Thursday 2/23/17 and ran off after a squirrel. He is a mixed breed with tan fur and white front legs and paws. Has a slightly black saddle and tail. Name is Gambit. Had collar and tag on when last seen. He is very very very skittish and afraid of people...
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    Police with guns drawn in Grayhawk

    They were parked in several spots on Hawk Creek and nearby roads since at least 7:15 AM. After I dropped my daughter off I came back to see the same sight at Hawk Creek and El Dorado. Please let us know if you find out what was going on. I wonder if it had anything to do with the Warrant...