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    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    In case some of you haven't seen on FB or other Social Media Sources, we all lost a great one last week. FOL Member Flicks passed away last Sunday. Some of you may remember he married Van 5 years ago. He was one of the first members I ever met, and was truly one of the nicest, most genuine...
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    Garth Brooks Tickets

    Had a death in the family and will be traveling for the funeral, so I won't be able to make the concert. Saturday Sept 19th, 10:30pm Section 204 Row A seats 5 and 6. Asking $100 each. Full Disclosure, Face value is about $75 each, stubhub tickets are showing for around $120-$140.
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    DNT/Frisco Traffic Delays Morning 5-2

    FYI. The MS 150 bike rally that runs through Frisco is Tomorrow. 3000+ cyclists riding up the tollway service road. Expect delays. :bike2:
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    Need Help

    Txt'd our vet but haven't heard back yet, thought I'd see what ya'll say. The Beagle decided to drag a box of Fiber One bars into the back yard and eat them. About 16 of them in fact. Pretty sue the other two helped, but she at the majority. Aside from the....ahem..."outcome"....think...
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    Lawn Mower Repair?

    I've got 2 mowers we use out at the trail that are in need of some TLC. We've done what we can to keep them going, but its gotten to the point we need someone that has more experience with small engines. I know of the place on Main, I've used them before, they are expensive, and more than...
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    Calling FOL Mechanics....

    Had some work done on the truck today that I wasn't willing to do (still have to do brakes....fortunately there is some life left there). Anyway..... They did some other checks and said there is too much copper in the brake fluid and it should be flushed. What say you FOL online...
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    Share Your Ideas For The Future Of Frisco!

    Want to provide input for the future growth and planning of Frisco? Time is running out. The Comprehensive plan has been under review this year, and that process will be coming to a close in the next few months. The open houses this month will be critical to that process, so if you're...
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    Arlington 'cop watchers' arrested :popcorn:
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    LiveSTRONG 2014

    As many of you know each year I ride in the 100 Mile LiveSTRONG challenge in Austin each year to raise funds for Cancer support. This year is no different. On October 19th I'll be riding for the 7th time in memory of a dear friend (my avatar) that died at the far too young age of 35 after...
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    Dishwasher Repair

    Anyone have a rec for someone to repair a dishwasher? The handle seems to be having issues, causing it to run sporadically.
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    Brake rotor/pad replacement

    Anyone here do this themselves? Pretty sure mine are getting close, and would rather buy the parts and do it myself than take it to a shop. Its only been 20 or more years since I've done that kind of work. Anyone want to come help one Sunday? I'll supply the beer. :joy:
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    A phone call that starts with.....

    an automated message that says "This is not a sales call". IS in fact a sales call. :deadhorse:
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    2015 Budget Lowers Tax Rate

    Draft Budget Frisco Blog Summary. Good to see a solid post to the Capital Reserve Fund. Tax rate will only be 0.01 more than what it was in 2006. And only 0.028 more than what it was in 2003. With nearly a tripling of the population in that time.
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    RIP James Garner
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    Dog Boarding

    Going out of town for a few days, and need to board the dogs. (Basset, Beagle, Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix) Please post up your recommendations for boarding. Thanks
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    The invasion has begun

    RVs lined up along World Cup Way this morning, and hordes of them coming off the freeway. Welcome Parrot Heads :toast:
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    Video Editing Software

    Looking for decent video editing software. Doesn't need to be too complicated. Is there any good open source software out there? Or something inexpensive?
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    Amazon to offer Sunday Delivery

    Story Between this and Prime Pantry (which I still need to try), I may only have to go to the grocery store for perishables.
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    Frisco Silos to become a restaurant?

    Thought this was interesting. Tomorrow's Council Agenda Item 48 on the regular agenda. Could the Silos possibly become a destination restaurant?
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    Comprehensive Plan Update

    Development Services is updating The Comprehensive Plan and wants your input. On April 10th they will host a Community Open House at the FISD Career & Technology Education Center (9889 Wade Blvd, at Wade & Ohio). It?s come and go as you please from 6 ? 9 PM, but there will be a brief...