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  1. groovypash

    Whole Foods in Frisco

    Anybody knows when is whole foods opening in Frisco? There have been talks since many years but have not heard anything concrete. Thanks
  2. groovypash

    Auto Insurance Question

    My SUV was rear ended last Friday evening by a person with Farmer's Insurance. Since I have never been in an accident and I have little knowledge about the insurance reimbursement process, please excuse me if this question has been asked before. The insurance adjuster called me to get my...
  3. groovypash

    Home remodel waste disposal

    After our home remodel we have a lot of old hardwood flooring waste. I have around 20 contractor bags of waste. I was planning to rent a truck and dispose it off at Custer Transfer station, however their website does not have enough information about disposing old flooring. I got some...
  4. groovypash

    Truancy hearing

    I have a truancy hearing coming up this month with Judge Payton. I will be taking my 8 year old and my wife along. I had to go out of the country for official work as well as a personal trip. My kid missed 3 weeks of school. So I am pleading guilty. This is my first time and I am not sure what...
  5. groovypash

    local newspaper

    how do I stop delivery of local newspaper? Is there a phone number I can call? Thanks.
  6. groovypash

    Coffee Table Glass

    My coffee table top glass broke and I needed it replaced. Does anyone know where can I find a place where I can find a replacement or someone who will cut the glass. Thanks in advance.
  7. groovypash

    Arbor Permit

    We are planning to install an arbor in our rear patio. Can anyone help us, as to what is the process for applying the permit? I tried applying the permit on the city of Frisco website, but there is no option to select arbor permit. So I am guessing that we have to apply in person. If anyone has...
  8. groovypash

    Broken Bow Question

    Our friends & family are planning to make a weekend trip to broken bow. Can anyone suggest any cabins by the Broken Bow lake? Saw a bunch of sites but was not sure which one was good.
  9. groovypash

    Car Remote Key

    I having been calling dealerships to find out how much does it cost to make a duplicate key for my 2011 toyota 4runner, every dealer is asking close to $400. Does anyone know a cheaper place where I can get this done?
  10. groovypash

    Crabgrass problem

    Apologies if this question has been asked before. I missed out on the window of opportunity for applying pre emergent to kill crabgrass. Now my whole lawn has been infested with crabgrass. I tried using Ortho but did not work. I even tried to pull the crabgrass but since the yard is big I gave...
  11. groovypash

    Street Lights

    The street light in front of my house is not working. Who do I get in touch with? Is there an email id for reporting this?
  12. groovypash

    Shower head Question

    Can anyone suggest me a handheld shower head 1.5 Gallons Per Minute which can be used as a shower head and can be hand held. I researched a lot and found mixed reviews about various shower heads. Went to Home Depot & Lowe's but couldn't find anything good. My budget is around 100$.
  13. groovypash

    Furniture stores

    Has anyone bought living room furniture from the stores around the intersection of Midway Rd. & I635. If so, are they any good. I am on a budget so someone suggested me those stores. Any store in particular?
  14. groovypash

    Car Audio

    Does anyone know a place where I can get a aftermarket car radio installed at a reasonable price?
  15. groovypash

    Discard Old Safe

    How do I get rid of my old broken sentry safe? Is there a place where I can take it and discard it?