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    Arte Dental is doing a free dental day on December 10th and they have a bunch of companies pitching in stuff too. Should be a great event. Details are on Arte Dental facebook.
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    alarm/security company for business? recs?

    i need a pretty simple alarm installation for a small business. its in a shopping strip. back door. front door. maybe a couple motion detectors. pretty simple. any thoughts or reviews on alarm companies and their rates? i dont really need anything too fancy. an automated text or phone...
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    FREE boxing lesson :) Any GUYS around Grayhawk want to come by for an hour and sweat?

    Hey! I'm looking for someone to box with. Mainly looking for someone that wants to throw some punches at me. I usually work out for about an hour. I have a heavy bag, speed bag, double ended bag, slip bag, jump ropes, weights, slip line... I don't mind teaching you some real boxing...
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    Any one read the printed Dallas Morning News local paper?

    Dallas Morning News has a local section for Frisco/Allen/McKinney that they put in the newspaper (every Friday I think). Does anyone here pay attention to it? I was thinking about putting an advertisement in there for a business.
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    What's coming by Costco and Taco Cababa?

    What's being built right there? Please be an Arby's!
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    Arsonist pleads guilty to EAST Frisco fires wonder if this is the same guy from the west Frisco (Grayhawk) fires?
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    spay my cat

    my cat needs to be spayed, any recs? i'm in west frisco. any idea on cost? is anyone here actually in favor of declawing? my wife wants to do it to our cat but it seems like a pretty cruel deal from what i've read.
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    05 Acura RL FULLY loaded: Bose, Nav w/traffic, BackUp cam, heated seats, AWD, Bose+++ $6000

    Who wants to buy an 05 Acura RL? $6000. Fully loaded. VERY clean car. Navigation with traffic reports and voice input (can also use voice to control climate control system), XM radio, heated seats, bluetooth phone, MP3 capable, Bose audio, HID headlights, all wheel drive, On-Star, keyless...
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    Seamstress/Tailor wanted for pretty easy shirt and pant set :)

    LOL... I need someone that can make this for me. Should be "fairly simple." Only tough part is that the material is a burlap :( Also, for the cape, I'd like someone to put pleats in to it. Anyone? I have both fabrics. The cape is a polyester knit. Let me know price and turnaround. Oh...
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    Did Monday trash pickup come today?

    If you normally have Monday trash pickup, did they come today?
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    household items that will burn for a long time?

    there is a bird by my front door that is cold and i have a little chimenea fire pit thing out front. what can i put in there that will burn for a while? i dont have any coal or wood that i can use.
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    taco bell at 423 and el dorado open?

    sorry to create a whole thread for this, but anyone know if they are open or not? havent driven anywhere since thursday night, but may head to TB if they are open.
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    next trip to walmart, anyone near boals need anything (Sat night)

    bout to make another trip to walmart, probably leave by 6pm. taking a backpack this time. anyone need any small items? i'm right at the corner of broadhurst and kitty hawk.
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    Anyone near Boals need anything from Walmart?

    Making a quick run on foot to Walmart. Is anybody near Boals elementary need anything small? I will be there till 8:15-8:30
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    anyone wanna buy me a chanukkah gift? here's a good way to "hint" at what you want i use my pinterest boards (the only time i ever use it) to let me wife know what i want for holidays. i always see "what do i get my such and such". so whenever i see something i want, i add it here. :)
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    ninja turtles in dallas

    photoshoot i did last night...
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    Need electrician for easy job (i think it'll be easy)

    i have a plug in front of my house. it was working. now it no workie. checked the GFI switch in the garage, no problem there. checked breakers, no problem there... i just need these plugs to work. anyone have a reasonable, trustworthy electrician thats local that they can recommend?
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    Christmas lights installer recommendation!

    Our friend referred us to this guy last year. He's super cool and very reasonable and he lives close by (Little Elm). He normally can get to you within 48 hours, cheapest prices I've found, uses good bulbs (the larger ones), can do any color combo you want (we're Jews so we use blues) and...
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    Lovefield Airport parking options/costs

    Flying to Disney next week and will only be gone a few days. What are the best parking options? I've looked online and it seems like its only $8 a day. Is that right (seems cheap)?
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    Anyone in Frisco have old fence panels i can have? Need about 5 sections 4 Halloween

    Hey! I'm building a little fence for Halloween. I came up with 1 6' tall fence panel. Surely someone here either has, or has a neighbor that has recently replaced their fence. I'm looking for rooted, ugly plain 6' unstained fence panels. Please let me know if you have some I can come get...