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  1. acorcoran

    Handyman Needed - Tomorrow or Saturday

    I have a call out to John Hudson, and Harland King is unavailable. We have a couple of items that need taken care of tomorrow or Saturday, as we are closing on our house and the person who previously said they would do the work is now unavailable. There are two items both dealing with some...
  2. acorcoran

    Home Inspection

    Looks like we are in need of a home inspector. I've used Deb Sadler in the past and was content. Just wanted to see if there some other go to people these days?
  3. acorcoran

    House Closing, Looking for Extended Stay or Apt.

    So out house went under contract in about a week and it is quite possible we will need to get a place to stay for a month, while we look/close on a new house. We looked at Homesuites by Hilton but it runs about $3k/month which is a bit steep. Does anyone have any recommendations for either a...
  4. acorcoran

    AC Repair since Big Bear is Out until Weds

    Who would you use for AC Repair. Big Bear is out until weds with heat exhaustion =( Get well soon Big Bear!
  5. acorcoran

    Another +1 for Big Bear AC

    I came home from work today with my AC unit not powering on. My thermostat warned me that the Rh wire was not providing power. Although I have never used him before, I knew from his glowing reviews that Big Bear was the man to call. He returned my call quickly and just left my house. What...
  6. acorcoran

    Backsplash Question with Hood

    Quick question, we had new countertops and a backsplash put on about a year ago and they tiled the backsplash up to our existing under cabinet hood. I just purchased a new under cabinet hood, however, despite how I thought it would install, the backsplash doesn't quite reach (about 6 inches of...
  7. acorcoran

    Spray Foam - Existing Walls

    Has anyone put spray foam in your existing walls? Was curious how much this would cost? Soooo tired of the inner noise in these houses here.
  8. acorcoran

    Where to buy live crawfish?

    My wife and I moved to Frisco about 4 years ago from Baton Rouge, LA and was curious to where we could buy live crawfish for a boil. Any recommendations and price estimates?
  9. acorcoran

    Microwave Cabinet - Needs to be Moved Up a tiny bit

    I am not really sure who to call (carpenter, handyman, etc), but I installed a new wall oven last night. The unfortunate thing is that it is about an inch taller than my previous oven, so the microwave cabinet, directly above it, is really squished and looks horrible. I was hoping to find...
  10. acorcoran

    Christian Preschool Recommendations

    Looking for a Christian preschool, two days per week, either m/w or w/f...any recommendations?? My main focus is for my son to have FUN and LOVE his teachers and friends. I'm looking to enroll NOW. Thanks!
  11. acorcoran

    Request for Moving Boxes

    Our house is now under contract and we will be packing up and moving (still staying in Frisco). Does anyone have any moving boxes that they would like to get rid of? I'll be more than happy to pick them up? we're looking to start packing this weekend. Please feel free to email me...
  12. acorcoran

    Professional Photographer Rec. Request

    All, I am looking to get touch base with a professional photographer in the area. The shots taken will be utilized in a nationally distributed calendar (more details to be provided to the photographer). Shots would be due no later than March 15th, 2010 and there would be a release to sign...
  13. acorcoran

    Second Story / Cost per Sq. Ft estimate?

    So we've been toying with the idea of either moving or adding a second story to our existing one story house. Although I'd assuming moving into a house is cheaper, I'm curious if anyone knows a VERY rough estimate of the cost / sq.foot for such an addition. Knowing costs of houses are ranging...
  14. acorcoran

    Best Of...Sticky Idea

    It would be nice if we had some Sticky posts for the most common questions. Although I think this may be near impossible, but it would be great for something such as Electrician Handyman Fence Repair Dentist Doctor Mexican Food etc... Not sure if such a thing would be possible, but...
  15. acorcoran

    Cabinet Microwaves

    So we purchased a house and the microwave was in a cabinet above the wall oven....needless to say it was shot. Apparently the inspector said that to put a microwave in a cabinet, a certain type of microwave is needed so the fuses don't blow...I went to Lowes and purchased one they recommended...