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    Question about the proposed Oncor Sub Station

    I have not been following this very closely, so this may have already been discussed - but here goes..... If this substation is for the "5 Billion Dollar Mile" then why can't they put it on some of the property the city gave the Cowboys since that is the epicenter of this alleged development ?
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    Has anyone seen....

    The video of Jeremy Lyons showing off the Cowboys practice stadium ? My guess is it is an attempt to blunt some criticism of the tax hike request. He is standing in the middle of the field and says they didn't write any checks to the Dallas Cowboys, and it doesn't cost the school district...
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    Does anyone know

    what the timeline is for completion of the Cowboys Monument is ? What is supposed to be finished and when ? Obviously the stadium and office building - but what about parking garages, roads opening etc.? Also, how tall is that hotel going to be, and is it going to light up like the Omni...
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    Roots - Strike 2

    I enjoy a good neighborhood bar, and was excited when Roots opened. Nice couple that owns it, fun little story. I had my second HORRIBLE experience tonight. I think the owner is more impressed with "owning" a bar than running a bar. The place got busy this afternoon. There was one...
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    OUCH !!!!!

    Just caught a news story on one of the local channels tonight that didn't paint our school district in a very positive light. Made it sound like they were not as fiscally responsible as they should have been - did I miss something ??
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    Hypocrisy ?

    I went to The Jimmy Buffett concert this weekend. Actually, I was out there Friday night and a good part of the day Saturday. I couldn't help but he think about how the event compared to Wild Pitch. The Bible thumping followers of Benny Hinn don't like Wild Pitch because they serve...
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    Where does it stop - and when ?

    I read with interest the current thread about the Costco deal for 3 million dollars and the correlation to our own Walmart deals. We have beat the alcohol proposition to death on here. My question is, when does it stop ? We want Walmart, we don't want Target, so lets pay Walmart to come here...
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    Grace Church

    What a nice addition to Frisco Square. Not sure what denomination it is, but it is a great looking building !
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    What's the difference ?

    The City Council ordered the long awaited liquor vote be placed on the May ballot. According to the Dallas Morning News, none of the council members wanted to do this. That idiot Bob Allen said the vote doesn't match the community's family values - I would love hear him explain exactly what...
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    devil in the details - Walmart

    According to the Dallas Morning News, the City Council has an interesting item on the consent agenda for the next council meeting. I have said the market should dictate if Walmart builds stores in Frisco - well I still believe that. What I am not in favor of is the city providing Walmart...
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    Pluck a few more dollars off of that money tree Last Thursday i was on my way to have a cigar at Frisco Square. As I was driving in front of City Hall I noticed what I thought was Dan Hunt's car parked in front of City Hall...
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    Lipstick on a Pig

    Good article in this mornings Dallas Morning News about the construction of the Cowboys complex. Lots of questions arise out of that article - but that is for another time. What I am most humored by is the fact the city is calling the Stadium a "Multi-Use Event Center." I think this is a...
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    5th Street Cafe

    I have been a big fan of this place for a while. My last 2 visits have been disappointing to say the least. Today the air conditioning is broken. I think it was broken on a previous visit. So we ate in the comfort of 85 degrees. It was also dirty. The floor is dirty, lots of dirt in the hallway...
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    What do you do about

    RABBITS ? They appear to be eating all of grass ? I have tried sprays to keep them away but with all the rain, it appears to just wash it away. If I was on my farm, I would shoot them, but I think my neighbors would have a problem if I cut loose with a .308 across the front yard. Thoughts ?
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    I have been away

    More than i have been here - so I may have missed something - BUT - :censored::censored::censored: is up with the new large power poles on Legacy north of Stonebrook ????
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    A few random thoughts.......

    I am embarrassed that only 2,601 votes were cast in this last election. Will Sowell was unopposed - and yet there were 798 people that didn't vote for him. Bob Allen, who I think we all agreed has not done anything in the YEARS he has been in office, beat his opponent by over a thousand...
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    None of the above

    I hope there is an option for " None of the Above" on the City Council ballot between the incumbent and his challenger. The incumbent has been in office since 2002 - so much for term limits - he has no real platform, and he really hasn't done much in 13 years in office, except run for office...
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    The Emperor's New Clothes

    We have probably beat the Cowboys deal to death, so I thought I would take one more punch - but not at the Cowboys - at the City. Plano has landed 3 big players of late - Toyota, FedEx Office, and Liberty. The details of the Liberty deal are not approved yet, so I will just focus on FedEx...
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    2 News items that caught my attention......

    I just read an article about the Cowboys Complex that said the cost is up to 168 million and climbing. What caught my attention was a statement by one of the Assistant City Managers. They do not really know how much the complex is going to cost yet. They are still working on a guaranteed...
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    We have an election coming in May

    Looks like we have one contested election in May. Someone is running against Bob Allen for his seat on the City Council. Anyone know what the key issues are going to be in this race ? Anyone know anything about his opponent ? Does anyone really care ?