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  1. planomateo

    N. Austin gets new Apple HQ site with up to 15K jobs

    Guess it depends on what you consider a big win.
  2. planomateo

    USA Today ranked best communities to live in - Frisco nor any N. Texas community listed

    Worth noting, the average population of these 50 communities is 13,228. Maximum population of 23,902 and minimum of 8,170.
  3. planomateo

    FRISCO Best Place to Live

    I'm putting Texas in the rear view in a few years.
  4. planomateo

    FRISCO Best Place to Live

    New Mexico is beautiful and you can't beat the food. We got out there to visit some friends in ABQ once a year. The population in Collin County is getting too much for me. Other than jobs, I don't know why anyone would move here at this point. I really don't get the whole idea of moving to...
  5. planomateo

    FRISCO Best Place to Live

    Getting way too big, via
  6. planomateo

    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    It did for many years. For whatever reason, this site lost the luster with folks. Facebook and other sites are now facilitating what this site once did. This site was an AWESOME resource for many years. I could care less about arguing politics. Way more productive things in life to do...
  7. planomateo

    TxDOT to hold 3 public meetings in October

    McKinney folks proposing this to go through Prosper's open land vs 380, what a lousy bunch of folks.
  8. planomateo

    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    I disagree. This site has been unmoderated for many many years @Wedge. What's sad, this site used to be an awesome resource of its just a bunch of people arguing in the political forum.
  9. planomateo

    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    I don't know why you people want to censor some from posting. Bad look in my opinion. Don't agree with their voice, ignore them.
  10. planomateo

    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    Can always report the post(s) as well, example below.
  11. planomateo

    Water Tank on Preston Being Torn Down ?!?!?!?

    I don't get the outrage here about the water tower...
  12. planomateo

    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    Sorry for your loss Van. I hope you and your family find comfort. Celebrate his life.
  13. planomateo

    Tip Uber and Lyft drivers?

    Uber didn't share with their customers they were hacked, opted to pay the hackers and hid this from their customers for a very long time. @#!$ Uber!
  14. planomateo

    Collin County appraisal protest

    Welp, they've only increased mine 5% this year. Half of that is land value which is damn near impossible to win. Always dispute is my moto.
  15. planomateo

    Why can't people here park in parking spaces

    LOL, this bothers you?!?!
  16. planomateo

    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    From a UI perspective, perhaps changing the Alerts font colors to make it easier to read? The red for some reason is really hard to read on top of the grey background. If this isn't the right place to mention, please direct me to the proper location.
  17. planomateo

    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    Happy to see the forum has moved over to Xenforo from vB. Thank you! Removing the spam should be alot easier.
  18. planomateo


    Just want to point out the irony in your many people say immigration rules are a waste of time with regards to a certain fence/wall.... something you piss and moan about daily.
  19. planomateo


    Prior to building mine, I was getting quotes in the $38-$45 per linear foot for 8' board on board, basic trim, steel posts. I have 330' of fence line.
  20. planomateo

    How Do You Feel About the Growth in the Area?

    $384M in property tax revenue last year per the CAFR (increase from the previous year by $25M).