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    Leadership Prep - Any new thoughts?

    I have some friends whose daughter was just notified that they have a spot open. They liked what they were told from the admissions person, but it seems there is some conflicting information. For example, I have seen in older threads and they were told, that students work "a grade ahead" and...
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    Collin County DA & Texas AG Business Partnership

    Someone forwarded this blog/article to me about the sale/purchase of the land where the Collin County CAD office is located. It raises some interesting questions about potential conflicts of interest, but also about the tangled web that politics weaves. If some of the claims are true, then the...
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    Re-Grading Backyard

    My backyard seems to either have shifted or was never properly graded. As such, 1/3 of my yard has standing water after even minimal rain, another 1/3 stays pretty soft, and the other 1/3 seems to be ok. It looks like the soil is about 1" below the top of the patio slab, grades downward for...
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    $10 Million for Arts Project

    I don't know how the bond projects work, but read that $10 million was approved by one board for the next bond election. My concern is that there still is no plan that I can find - other than a group wants $10 million for a performing arts center. What are the next steps required before any of...
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    Anyone have experience with Carticel (Knee Cartilage?

    I injured my knee, tearing "divots" in the cartilage in my femur and behind my knee cap. One of the options is Carticel, which is essentially regrowing my cartilage in a lab, then implanting it in the divots. I know that the recovery time for the surgery is 2 mos. on crutches and 8-10 mos of...
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    Moving Boxes/Blankets/Misc.

    20 Wardrobe Boxes (w/ hanging rails) 6 XL Boxes 14 L Boxes 31 M Boxes 58 S Boxes 8 Dish Barrels 32 Moving Blankets A LOT of newsprint paper wrap Bubble Wrap, Plastic Wrap, packing peanuts $550 for all Contact Sherry via phone or text at (nine-one-two) 507-7405
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    Tommy & Sons Movers

    We recently moved from one house, to an apartment, and finally to our present house. We have used movers 4 times in the last 7 years, once across country and 3 locally. Before using Tommy & Sons we've never been really satisfied. There were several issues with prior movers - damaging items...
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    Breakaway Festival

    What exactly is this? Is it a hip-hop music festival? Or a mix of different music genres?
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    NOLA open

    I'm really not trying to take Sticky's place, but I'm staying in apartments near Frisco Square until my house is ready so I'm going to be hitting up the restaurants in the Square for awhile. They are having their soft opening right now(last night & tonight). Things are like you would expect...
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    Three Squares Restaurant

    We tried this place tonight. It's located in the Forest Park building, right across from Cinemark. I'm not sure what the theme is supposed to be, but it seemed to be a pretty neat place. The menu isn't huge, but it's fairly diverse. You order at the counter and they bring the food out to...
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    Running GPS

    I completed my first half yesterday and got home to upload my run, only to find out that my GPS didn't save anything. It's been acting weird as of late and I've had it for awhile, so I'm thinking it may be about to die. My present one is a Garmin 110, which is at the lower end of their line...
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    Anyone have Active Release Therapy?

    I've been struggling with Achilles Tendonitis and IT Band problems when I run. I went through regular PT and it has helped some, especially with the IT band, but I'm still having some issues with my achilles. I read about Active Release Therapy and I've heard some good things. Has anyone ever...
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    Veteran's Land Board Question

    We have been approved for a home improvement loan through the Veterans Loan Board. In order to have the work done and receive payment, we have to find a title company and I guess go through a closing with the loan. Does anyone have an recommendations for a title company in Frisco for this? Or...
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    Frisco Pee Wee Coach

    I didn't see this posted anywhwere, my apoligies if I missed it. This article is posted on ESPN in a Rick Reilly column about a Pee Wee Frisco Football coach's email to his team. Seems pretty intense for 8 year olds...
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    Irrigation System Requirements?

    We built our house in 2009 and the builder put in drip irrigation between the sidewalk and roadway. The builder indicated it was a Frisco requirement. We've had nothing but trouble with this system and based on our neighbors' yards they have had similar issues. The hoses constantly get leaks...
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    Bob's Steak & Chophouse Dress Code

    They describe it as business casual on their website. Are nicer jeans acceptable? TIA!
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    Dutch Process Cocoa

    Or I think that's what it is. Does anyone know where to find it locally? My wife needs it for a recipe. TIA.
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    A nice trip

    Hopefully I'm not the last person to hear of this, but a friend posted this on Facebook. Go to Google Maps. Click on Get Directions. Enter Japan as the starting location and China as the ending location. Look at step 43. Enjoy that ride.