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  1. viennadew

    Pro-Activ Experience with Teens

    I am 43 and still get acne. Ugh. I would get Juice Beauty. It's completely organic, not feminine and one bottle lasts forever. You can get it at Ulta. They have a cream for daytime use and your son wouldn't smell like a girl or medicine like. Love the Smiths. Stay Charming!
  2. viennadew

    Frisco Parent Angry Over Child's "Extreme" School Punishment

    I definitely am not a lazy parent. I do believe many of us parent in an old fashioned way. I do not give my children TV, computers, or pads in their rooms. We do not own gaming systems. One is 8th, one is 5th. I told the school's up front and the girls agree no punishment a coach or teacher...
  3. viennadew

    Frisco Kid Makes Headlines...?

    My 14 yo dd who is smart and pretty would have more respect for this kid than ANY one you describe.
  4. viennadew

    Frisco Parent Angry Over Child's "Extreme" School Punishment

    Just upset that everyone supporting the coaches so much. There are lousy ones. Period. As in every career, there are good and bad. Great for your daughter, truly. My daughter is at the top of her fitness grams. She further is 5'6", 110 pounds , advanced English rider Equestrian so hardly...
  5. viennadew

    Frisco Parent Angry Over Child's "Extreme" School Punishment

    And said school gives only 3 passes per 6 weeks for bathroom breaks. Four minutes between classes is hardly enough and 2 tardies is an absence. Why could they trust us to go to the bathroom during class in the 80's??? I guess though you know more than the MD at Children's. You didn't...
  6. viennadew

    Frisco Parent Angry Over Child's "Extreme" School Punishment

    And until you have the child that is worked SO HARD in athletics in 7th grade in a FISD school to the point she ended up at Children's with Rhabdomyelosis keep your mouth shut. Yep, look it up, her kidneys were failing and it is baaaadddddd. She ended up at the hospital overnight. Even the...
  7. viennadew

    Horse Riding Lessons

    My dd rides at heritage hills in Princeton for years, not fancy, but good knowledge. She is an English rider.
  8. viennadew

    Ebola confirmed in Dallas

    Easy to say until it is YOUR family member or some of our troops over there whose families won't even be with them.....easy to say when the day is long.
  9. viennadew

    Dhawan ruled suicide

    I doubt the FPD cares what we "arm chair detectives" think at all.
  10. viennadew

    Question On Changing Flight

    Just call up and tell them. Generally, there is a $200 or $300 change fee.
  11. viennadew

    Ebola confirmed in Dallas

    I think if you look how fast, in a packed city of over 20 million Lagos, Nigeria contained it and they have no active cases now. I was there during the outbreak and my temp was taken before I was allowed to leave. They did keep the kids out of school. I am very impressed with the country...
  12. viennadew

    WWYD? Need help making a decision

    I would put her in the recommended. This from a mother with a delayed dd now in 5th.
  13. viennadew

    School Supplies

    I just get the little construction paper the stores have. The schools have to like it or use what they brought with them.
  14. viennadew

    Anyone been to Dubai?

    I am going in August. I have not read such horrific things. If you keep knees and shoulders covered without flashing boobs everywhere, you are hard is that? Modesty is not that hard. I am single in route to my fiancé and not concerned in the least. They have female taxis for...
  15. viennadew

    Thursday Night! Morrissey at the Majestic

    I took my almost 14 dd and she now is a fan. Lovely evening.
  16. viennadew

    Help for my 12 year old with controlling/behavior issues

    Being an RN, I find this thought antiquated. My dd had her father desert her at age 6 and has found much success with her MALE therapist. I found a male can know how a man thinks and know what to say in these touchy times. Females can sometimes coddle kids. It depends on...
  17. viennadew

    Help for my 12 year old with controlling/behavior issues

    My dd is 13.5. We see Frank Azaria in Plano at Lifepath. He doesn't take crap from my dd.
  18. viennadew

    girls start shaving their legs?

    My dd is hairy, refused shorts or capris. I had her upper lip waxed summer before 6th. Taught her good comebacks before that if anyone made fun of "mustache".... Legs and bikini we started in 5th as she was on swim team...I insisted she let me help her, guide her the first time. We aren't...
  19. viennadew


    Sad, sad, sad! It was one of the best experiences for my dd. She actually was granted scholarship to attend and shockingly only by doing the requested things won the awards and even the Teacher Essay. She was even a year younger but had schooled in Germany hence her 6th grade was ahead. Her...
  20. viennadew

    Why is this offensive?

    The kids pick it up. We got out of the car at the dog park the other day and my prissy little 10 year old yelled, "dude!" Her reason was she thought we closed the door before letting her out.....hmmmm.