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  1. QuadSquadMom

    Please help find Bobby

    Bumping this notice up. I hope he is located asap!
  2. QuadSquadMom

    US Postal Service *#@!*%#$+

    I was unaware of this 'handing off to USPS' practice until recently. Items I've ordered online even those with a tracking number offered have ended up in the custody of USPS to deliver. I'm awaiting a Groupon purchase today from UPS, and after reading this I tracked my package on only...
  3. QuadSquadMom

    Mobile Internet Suggestions?

    Verizon, Note3/tether will make you happy! I 'make do' with my Note 2 and love it! No extra monthly charge for a hotspot to boot. :happy:
  4. QuadSquadMom

    App for tracking car mileage/repairs...

    We use an Android app called Acar. Great reminders for maintenance, tracks multiple vehicles too.
  5. QuadSquadMom

    Local Excel and Outlook classes

    The Frisco Library offers free intro classes.
  6. QuadSquadMom

    lost maltese

    Hi Karan! I was hoping that Buddy got home by now! You are in my thoughts and prayers that he gets returned to you!!! ~Lynn
  7. QuadSquadMom

    Today: I failed

    My condolences on your loss. You did NOT fail. Life is all too short for our pets, and it is a painful thing to experience their loss. I've also experienced this and will again in the not too distant future, as we have 4 senior pups. Rather than emphasize your focus on the loss itself...
  8. QuadSquadMom

    Non-contract Cell Phone Plans

    Virgin Mobile phones use the Sprint network without contract. I just had a discussion with a friend who just finished their ATT contract and bought Virgin Mobile Android phones, Kyrocera Rise models with slide-out keyboards for $99. They get unlimited talk, text and data for $45/month per...
  9. QuadSquadMom

    Free Ebook on Amazon

    Got my download. Thanks!
  10. QuadSquadMom

    Must buys at certain stores

    I keep running lists as well! Costco - (Smoothie goods) Kirkland Greek Yogurt, Organic frozen blueberries, Kirkland Vanilla Whey Protein. Organic baby spinach, Frozen tortilla crusted and the Basil pesto tilapia, meats, avocados, cheese, half & half, whipped creme, Olive Oil, Rotisserie...
  11. QuadSquadMom

    How many of you have ever..........

    I go to Ogle School on Preston, near Campbell, have been for years. Great prices; I get to enjoy mani-pedi, facial & hair services at the cost of just hair services at regular salons. The close-to graduation students are supervised by instructors, I have had excellent service there &...
  12. QuadSquadMom

    Man walks tightrope over Niagara Falls

    I'm glancing at it as I use the computer. I found it too stressful to watch continually. He's almost there & can now hear & see the Canadian crowd! Correction; HE DID IT!!!! :)
  13. QuadSquadMom

    Generic vs name brand

    Another +1 for Costco's Kirkland brand. :thumbsup: Between Costco jaunts, I like Walmart's 'Great Value' brand paper towels. They are the same as Bounty white select-a-size (for over $1 per twin pack less). Slightly off-topic, I'll state for the record that I despise printed paper...
  14. QuadSquadMom

    Penzey's spices

    I also love Penzey's! I find that I use a bit less of most spice I buy there, they are stronger & fresher than grocery store varieties. Be sure to sign up for the catalog, it includes coupons and good, tried & true recipes! :thumbsup:
  15. QuadSquadMom

    Neat Receipt offers a free solution for receipts which uses a smartphone as the capture device/scanner, or sending to an inbox by email. I have it & use the web site or the phone to access the account info get spending reports.
  16. QuadSquadMom

    Your Screename

    I'm Mom to our 4 small dogs. 2 Pomeranians & 2 MinPins. Someone at the vet's office referred to them as the quad squad years ago and it stuck.
  17. QuadSquadMom

    So, just got a new phone

    I should have added: Neither of us have rooted our phones. Hubby chose the D2 for the slide-out keyboard & I chose the DX for the HUGE screen, since I knew that I, as a seriously reader, would use it heavily for the Kindle and Nook apps, and wanted max screen real estate. We both are IT folk &...
  18. QuadSquadMom

    So, just got a new phone

    Oh Yea! +2 on this! My Hubby and I both use the app, Easy Tether, trouble-free and COST-free. :thumbsup: I have the Droid X, and he has the Droid 2, both on VZW & really enjoy them! :clap:
  19. QuadSquadMom

    Favorite Apps

    It's hard to name a single favorite with so many I use every day. Among the top pics, I'd include the Kindle & Nook apps, navigation, Music player, TV guide, Cardio Trainer, Craigslist notifier, ebay, Gas Buddy, Bank app, weather, and news channels. I like quick Office Pro for...
  20. QuadSquadMom

    Couple seeks help after babies switched at Presbyterian Plano

    As if the mixup wasn't bizarre enough, the demand for breast milk and even worse, holding someone against their will is over the top, especially since the feeding Mom agreed to a blood screening for the other couple. "But she was also asked to give up a sizable amount of the breast milk she...