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  1. Canadian in Texas

    Pottery Barn Kids Bedding and Decor Set just add furniture

    Excellent Condition $180 1 full/Queen Quilt Samantha Pattern 2 Standard Quilted Shams 3.Full/Queen Duvet Cover (plaid) 4. 2 84" gingham drapes 5. 2 hold backs with finials 6. Curtain rod with 2 finials 7. 3 wood plaques dragon flys, & butterflies 8. Hanging Paper Chandelier 9. Green...
  2. Canadian in Texas

    Mold Inspection

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a mold inspector?
  3. Canadian in Texas

    Hiring a Private Driver to transport kids?

    Has anyone had any direct experience with hiring a private driver to transport their children. I do not need any type of nanny care just transportation. I need someone to pick them up at their school in the Dallas/Richardson are and either drop them off in Allen or Mckinney. Frisco Shuttle is...
  4. Canadian in Texas

    Wall oven installation

    I am looking for someone to install a wall oven and a microwave with trim kit. The cut outs of the cabinets should not need to be modified. I have searched but have not had any luck. TIA
  5. Canadian in Texas

    Recommendations for Endodontist for Children

    My dd had an accident this evening and is going to need extensive endodontic work. Her dentist gave us a name but I am looking for some personal recommendations.
  6. Canadian in Texas

    Downloading photos

    When I try to attach a photo to my classified ad it keeps posting it sideways how can I fix this?
  7. Canadian in Texas

    embroidery blanks, Bee & beekeeper costume, scensty, boys uniform pants, polly pocket, southern living

    Scentsy Costumes Parker Uniform Pants Embroidery Blanks Polly Pocket...
  8. Canadian in Texas


    bad source
  9. Canadian in Texas

    For my fellow Canadians

    Happy Canada Day!!!!
  10. Canadian in Texas

    Epi-Pen Storage while Camping

    My son is going on a week long camping trip with scouts. I need something to store his Epi-pen in has anyone tried this The temp range for the pen is so narrow,
  11. Canadian in Texas


    Need some prayers, good thoughts, and any other positive things you can throw my way. My golden has a mast cell cancer tumor on her ear. Unfortunately in order to remove the tumor we have to have her entire outer ear removed. I go from being calm to freaking out. Today=freak out. I am...
  12. Canadian in Texas

    Summer Sitter for Friday days

    I am looking for someone to watch my 11 and 7 y/o on Fridays through the summer. There are a couple of Fridays that I do not need and 1 Friday it would be just the 7y/o. If interested please PM me
  13. Canadian in Texas

    Princess Party favors, , Southern Living at Home items, Bike floor rack, Pottery Barn Kids Sleeping bag school uniforms and more

    I am linking to my Craigslist post I hope that is okay. It is much easier then trying to upload my pictures Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair- Sold New Southern Living Greenbrier Urn $30 New Southern Living Copper Bucket and Drip...
  14. Canadian in Texas

    Are there any serious stamp collectors out there?

    My son has a project and part of the project is meeting with a stamp collector. I have emails out to some clubs but thought I would post the question here as well.
  15. Canadian in Texas

    looking for drama/acting camps, classes, workshops

    I am looking for drama/acting classes for my dd. She did Drama Kids International last summer, but I am looking for something more professional. Does anyone have any direct experience with any acting companies good or bad?
  16. Canadian in Texas

    Birthday Party Question...twins

    My dd is invited to a birthday party. It is for twin boys but only one boy is in my daughters class. The other twin goes to the same school but my dd doesn't really know him. Do I buy just 1 gift for the boy that is in her class or am I expected to buy 2 gifts?
  17. Canadian in Texas

    Be careful out there..driving

    We were on 121 on every overpass there was a significant wreck (6 in all) heading westbound. This was at 5:25pm. Multiple cars slammed into guard rails and medians. I am hoping that as the night rolls in people will be more cautious. The roads were fine but the overpasses are slick. We did...
  18. Canadian in Texas

    Please delete- found one (chemistry merit badge book)

    Does anyone have the Chemistry Merit badge book my son can use for the weekend? Shot in the dark but thought I would check.
  19. Canadian in Texas

    Aereo Customers...happy?

    We are looking at making the switch to the Roku box and Aereo. We have amazon prime. Before I jump on this I want to make sure I am making an informed decision. DClady has already let me know that they are happy with it. Anyone else? If I just did the antenna option the difference...
  20. Canadian in Texas

    Does anyone own the American GIrl Doll Saige ? about quality

    So my dd got this for Christmas. Right after we took her out of the box and her hair net off, her hair went crazy. She has all these pieces that are sticking up because they are not the same length. Kind of like your own hair when it breaks. Not sure if that makes sense or not. This is...