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    Anyone know what's going on at the hockey stadium?

    There are police are swarming the place with ARs? Theres nothing on the news so I'm wondering what's up.
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    Remains found in Dallas

    The first thing that popped into my head is this could be the girl missing in Plano. I hope it is her, her family needs closer. I wish there would be a different outcome but I think her 'friend' looks guilty of murder.
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    We had to put our Great Dane down yesterday

    She is almost 10 so she was old for a Dane, we knew it was coming but it was still really hard. Sunday was a great day for her she played in the pool and played ball but Sunday night everything changed. :( The yorkies keep looking for her and are on high alert. Now I have to get rid of all...
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    My DH scared the poo out of me

    I have never found clowns scary, well a few that JJ has posted have been creepy but they were on the net not in person. Last night DH came home late, walked through the house, kissed me and said hi then he went in our room to put stuff up (so I thought). When he came out I was watching tv and...
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    Hawk's looking for food

    I don't know if its just the time of year or if we had a boost in hawk babies but there seem to be a lot of hawks everywhere. I had one sitting on my car in my garage last week and it flew to my neighbors tree when I walked into the garage. I found out a couple days ago that another neighbor's...
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    Need a good hair stylist for wedding

    I need a recommendation for a hair stylist for my DD, she's getting married next month. Her dress is Audrey Hepburn-esque so she will need something along those lines. I found her Florist here (she's really good) so I'm hoping I can find a stylist here too. Thanks
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    Thursday's storm

    I was at work during the storm so I missed most of it and really we only had pea sized hail, heavy rain and high winds out here in Celina but we went to our property on Royal Lane and we lost a huge portion of massive tree in the backyard. Luckily the wind was strong enough to heave it away from...
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    NTTA and OK tolls question

    We have called NTTA but the answer we got was very vague so I'm hoping someone here has the answer, will be calling OK TollTag tomorrow. We travel to OK often so we have a PikePass (OK's answer to NTTA tolltag) and we have the NTTA tootag for here in TX. Here's the problem, NTTA now reads...
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    My DD's cat has FLV

    We can't figure out how Chimmi got it, she's an 'only' indoor cat and hasn't been around other cats in over 7 1/2 years when DD found her as a kitten. The vet did the blood test which takes a week to get back results but the vet said that it was already showing positive after just a few minutes...
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    Puppy-mill closed for good in Prosper

    I'm so so happy! There was a puppymill in Prosper on First St/Fish Trap. The house, sheds and barn that held over 100 dogs is GONE. as in the foundation isn't even there. I had turned this lady in twice and talked to Masie's Mission about her (MM looked into it but couldn't really do anything...
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    Please joggers, cyclists and walkers

    Get a road id or something like it. Never leave home without it when out for your exercise, you may think the unthinkable will never happen to you but it very will might. Having a id in a pocket doesn't work but having a bracelet or chain around your neck with info is the best way of finding the...
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    Needing several succulent centerpieces

    And a small bridal bouquet made of succulents. Anyone know of a place thats good at it? I've seen some that look awful and some that look great but no clue where to find the right place. There are so many florists so I'd like to narrow it down to just a few so if you know of a good place let...
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    Al Sharpton????

    I'm not a fan but holy cow the man looks really really sick, anyone know if he is? I know he became vegan but vegan's are actually healthy people if they are doing it right. This man looks like he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. I hope he isn't sick and someone in...
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    Anyone watching Hemlock Grove?

    DH and I just started the 1st season last night, on epi 5 now. It is weird and I'm struggling to follow it all the way through. Is Roman's sister a demon child or is she an experiment gone wrong? Letha (I'm guessing) is PG either by a demon or a 'good' angel? This show isn't usually my cup...
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    Gloria's black bean dip recipe

    My DH would like to have mexi for Fathers Day so I'm getting everything together now. We would like to have the black bean dip that is served at Gloria's. I've googled but nothing sounds right, I hope someone can give me a recipe or pointers to make it taste as close to Gloria's as I can get...
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    Bad accident on 380 at Preston

    It happened around 12:30 and it is still not cleared (@4:30) so if you drive that way find another route. Preston is fine but the East bound traffic is bad on 380. I believe it was a fatality accident but I could be wrong, I think there was a body covered up in the road. I pray all are safe...
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    Things that make say, Huh???

    Ok my DH's family is.... ahhh how to say nicely? CRAZY, yep that covers it nicely. :sarcastic: His sister is way out there and never seems to NOT amaze me, she has a youtube channel and holy crap the stuff she does is just crazy. Not Johnny Knoxville crazy but a LOOK AT ME, I'M GOD'S GIFT TO...
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    JJ I beg you PLEASE bring back the Clown!!!

    I nearly dropped my laptop trying to kill that stupid bug running around the bottom left corner of my screen. I kept thinking the bug was too quick for me until I realized it was your avatar. I never thought I would want any of your clowns back but here I am wanting the clowns back. :dry: Maybe...
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    Help with adding a grand dog to our mix

    I have 2 Yorkies and a Great Dane, our DD has a French Bulldog. Our DD lives in AZ but is not able to take care of her dog so we are heading out tomorrow to get her dog. Two of our dogs know the frenchie as DD and her dog lived with us for awhile. The problem with her dog is she is rough on our...
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    Found at Market Street parking lot

    Gray tabby, very hungry but couldn't get close to it. It's also camera shy. I tried to get it but I couldn't. It's a dark gray tabby with maybe some yellow/tan fur on its belly but again it wouldn't let me close. I hope this is someone's baby cuz it needs out of this busy parking-lot.